FinnAgain is kind of a shitty person.

Or so I hear. There was a thread in About this Message Board where someone mentioned that FinnAgain was thought to be a troll by some. I mentioned that I recalled a thread where he kind of whips out the antisemitism card. He didn’t take that well.

Specifically he says:

I mentioned that he wasn’t really a troll, but more of an abrasive type. He responded to that like this:

I just wanted to show the thread I was thinking of where FinnAgain acts like a really shitty person:

I’m not saying he’s a troll, I’m saying he’s an annoying internet tough guy.

You are one of the stuper fucks we’ve got here, aintcha?
You start by accusing me of trolling (in ATMB of all places, because you’re too retarded to find the Pit) and then whine when I point out that your very accusation of trolling is based on fiction. And you feign surprise (seriously, how stupid are you?) when I don’t take kindly to you saying shit about me that isn’t true and accusing me of trolling. Oh, don’t worry, yes, as a little bitch you used plenty of weasel wording. So you didn’t come out and accuse me of trolling based on a lie. You made up some bullshit that never actually happened (that you “vaguely recalled”, just like I “vaguely recall” you cheering on pedophilia constantly) and then said that your lie was grounds for calling me a troll (but as you’re a coward, you simply claimed that you “could see some people taking that as trolling.”)

Of course, after accusing me of trolling (in ATMB) and doing so based on a lie, you then had the stupidity to claim that pointing out your behavior was “abrasive”, as if you’re such a spineless wimp that not only do you want to sling mud, but someone pointing out that your bullshit isn’t true is just too much for you.

You’re pathetic.

This is an example of why people think you’re a little rough around the edges.

I vaguely recall that FinnAgain takes himself incredibly seriously, and that rubs people up the wrong way.

You accuse me of trolling in ATMB, based on a lie you’re using. Then you get annoyed when I point out that your accusation of trolling is bullshit. Then you start a Pit thread to complain about how I dared disagree when you used a lie in order to call me a troll. And in the Pit thread that you start by calling me a “shitty person”, you pretend to be all upset that I dared point out the inherent stupidity in the shit you’re spewing. Why, it’s almost as if you’re tossing out bait.

You are an impotent whiny little bitch.

That’s it, get it all out.

Yes, almost exactly like you’re tossing out bait.
What’re the odds?

Tell you what, I’ll get a bag of popcorn, you give me more of your “Mommy mommy, I made stuff up about Finn and accused him of being a troll and then called him a shitty person, and and and and… he said mean stuff about me!”

Let me guess, you were breastfed until you were 16, yes?

Yeah, but your mom is such a whore she wouldn’t let me stop. :frowning:

Is that what you want? You need friction to get off?

Yep, just like baiting. You insult me, then whine about how I have the temerity to say something mean about you. Not that I don’t find your trolling to be ever so amusing, but you’re not particularly clever or good at it.

Of course, knowing that spiteful little cowards like you are so utterly undone that you have to resort to this shit is all the reward I need to continue posting. Thanks!

Do his panties get in a wad about speling and grammar? Does he think everyone that enters the forum is the same person using different accounts? Is his only response, “You’re stupid.”

Lindsay Lobohan has fail stink all over him.

Pardon me, Lobohan, but a quick check of your recent posts shows what I remembered. You are an argumentative poster to say the least.

When I say argumentative I mean that in a personal sense. You have accused posters lately of everything from sock puppetry to idiocy. Accusing others of trolling, or even being annoying after this long and public string isn’t as credible as it would be coming from our more circumspect members.

In short, you’re one to talk.

Hey, everyone, Lobohan and FinnAgain are smacking each other with their handbags in the Pit! This’ll be exciting!

Well, er, actually not. I think we need Diogenes the Cynic for the hat trick of the most pointlessly obstinate posters on this board.

Sorry, kids, we’ve seen this one before. Please try to be more entertaining.

I like FinnAgain. He’s so obviously not a troll that to accuse him of being one in any forum here is just absurd. So what that he is mostly only extremely active in threads about Israel and Jews? He believes in what he believes in and he obviously cares deeply about the issue.

If there were as many threads arguing about fine wines as there are about Israel on this board I’d probably be perceived similarly.

FinnAgain is a Jew.

Quite possibly, but…so what? Who cares?

I try not to hold it against him.


I’m somewhat amused (but not surprised) that Lobo has decided to employ this predictable and unimpressive baiting tactic.
Usually it goes something like “FinnAgain calls everybody who disagrees with him a baby raping anti-Semite… oh, and also he calls people liars. Why, I bet he’ll say that it’s not true that he always accuses people of raping babies! He’s out of controoool!”

Lobo’s was a slightly novel twist on the old pattern.
First accuse someone of trolling and make up an unflattering story in order to insult them. Then complain about how ‘abrasive’ the person is when he defends himself. Sets up a nice Catch 22, either he agrees with your slander or he disagrees, thereby allowing you to whine about unfair he’s being. Then start a Pit thread personally insulting him and when (lo and behold) he responds to that insult with other insults, declare that that just goes to prove how bad he is.

It’s dumb as swiss cheese condoms, but there is a certain degree of schadenfreude in how clever Lobo thinks he’s being.

Funny, he doesn’t look shittish.

I always like it when someone who’s been a member for one whole day drops by the pit with an opinion on other posters. Makes me wonder why it took me so long to get q grip on the program around here.