Advice needed: Injury to kitty's eye

My outdoor cat recently went on a week-long “vacation.” Upon his return, I noticed that he looked pretty beat-up and generally disheveled. Closer inspection revealed that he had a pretty nasty abrasion on his forehead (do cats have foreheads?), and his right eye was dark and cloudy-looking. I treated the cut and the area around his eye with some hydrogen peroxide to clean it up a bit. The eye now has a dark reddish color to it, and it looks like there has been damage to the cornea. I have been watching him for a few days, and from what I can tell about his movements, he doesn’t seem to be using the eye.

Have any of you cat owners out there experienced something similar? Should I have the vet remove his eye?

I think you should take the cat to the vet ASAP. sadx#$%"

the last part was my own cat walking across my keyboard

I think she’s pulling for your Kitty :slight_smile:

I had a very similar situation on Monday. One of our cats got into a scuffle with another one of our cats, and had a resulting injury to the eye. It looked a bit cloudy with apparent areas of blood floating around. We called the vet and brought him in ASAP. It turns out that the other cat lodged her claw into the eyeball. She said that it we had to give him a certain amounts of medicine for certain periods of time and to bring him back in 36 hours (this morning) it turns out he is probably going to do fine and he’ll be able to have full use of his eye. The doctor did say that if it didn’t look good when we brought him back in today, she could do an operation o attempt to save his eye. She said if that failed, he would loose a good amount of eyesight in his eye.

My advice is to call the vet ASAP and bring your kitty in to get treatment.

If you have an emergency vet hospital nearby, call them right away. They can give you advice over the phone, but I think they’ll tell you to bring him in a.s.a.p. There are eyedrops that can help reduce inflammation, and opthalmaltic ointment for injuries to the cornea. (BTW I am not a vet but I have kitties who have gotten themselves into various troubles-- your kitty’s eye injury sounds a lot worse than what mine have experience though.)

Vet. Now. Especially if it was in a fight, there would be a good chance of infection. (Outdoor kitties claw up dead things.)

Please, please get it to the vet asap. It’s really not worth taking a chance with.

Never fuck with the eyes. Kitty needs a doctor.