Aeschines lived in Japan for eight years!

In case you guys missed it, Aeschines lived in Japan for EIGHT YEARS! That apparently entitles him to spout any amount of barely diguised racist (oh wait, it’s not racist- he just hates Islam) bullshit he wants, and then say either

A: I lived in Japan for EIGHT YEARS!!!111oneOMG
B: You are just brainwashed by the PC police

Whenever he is called on it. Aeschines lives in a bizarre world where “debate” means “saying whatever wierd stuff comes to his head” and then resorting to such time-worn debate tactics as “my daddy is the vice president of his company, so I know what I’m talking about” and “your just a big wrong doodyhead.” His debate style goes beyond fallacious and in to a strange dark realm where logic falls apart at the hands of his malformed childish ego.

His quote-by-quote rebuttles (which he makes second after every post- doesn’t he have a job or something?) can be kind of funny, if they didn’t inspire quite so much nasea. He can reply to ten different quotes in one post, and never actually engange the argument. I’m really baffled as to what sort of joy he gets out of this. It’s like the time I went to New York and a barber said he’d give me a free haircut and ended up shaving my head- he’s got to be getting off on this somewhow. I’ve never met someone who can so so little in so much. Maybe thats just what eight years in Japan does for you.

You’ve really got to read this thread to understand.

Although he refers to himself as part of “we the left” (ack! who invited him here!) his real beliefs are somewhat, errrr, strange. He thinks that Japan was better of with feudalism (and I guess he should know, as he was there for eight years), for example. He’s like some kind of freaky Bush-Bashing Pro-Life Ultra-Darwinian Ayn Rand who believes in ghosts.

Now for your enjoyment, I’ll include a diverse selection of Aeschines quotes, from which we can glean his immense personal knowledge of subjects ranging from what life was like in the 1950s to the nature of the afterlife. If only we spent eight years in Japan, we too could be worthy to join in these conversations.

On social decline and martinis:

On the supremacy of the MBA:

On the attributes of the afterlife:

On that guy that shot the wounded unarmed Iraqi:

On the primal origin of descrimination against bowties:

On America’s electorate:

On “Jewdar”

On the Palastinians:

On a divided America:

On the supernatural:

On the intellegence of the Japanese, who he lived with for eight years:

On why women get abortions:

On the unexpected results of gay marriage:

On space travel:

I have no idea who or what you’re on about here, so I have no actual opinion on anything you’ve said, but the above caught my eye. Thanks for posting it - I hadn’t seen it before and now I will have the giggles all night as I try to puzzle it out.

Here are some more. It’s kind of fun, the more I read, the more I kind of like the guy for being so kooky, but now his attitudes towards women are skeeving me out:

On thirteen year olds:

On anal sex:

On Islam:

On overweight women:

On Japanese women:

On what men want:

Those are some very reasonable replies!!

Where are you getting all of these quotes from?

Aeschines is completely wrong, and I can prove it very simply:

I’ve been in Japan for TEN years.

End of discussion.

Well, I was in South Korea for six years, AND I vacationed in Japan, so my argument must be supreme!

Ilbonin sagigun wae da!

I don’t agree with some of what Aeschines posts, but I really don’t see what’s so kooky or pitworthy about these replies of his that you’re pulling up. Seriously – I was reading your list of examples and kept waiting for the point. Am I missing something? Is this your way of dealing with boredom? Do you have a secret crush on him?

Well, I’ve been watching Japanese anime porn for half my life…

The Hillbillies vs. the Advanced Minds

Oh, that war would be over in about 10 seconds. The “Advanced Minds” are too scared of guns to own one.


Dude! Japan was totally better when it was feudal! There were, like, samurai and ninjas and shit! Ninjas kick ass! They could totally flip out and, like, kill everyone in the room!

Isn’t he the one who said that voting for Bush was a sign of a mental disorder…and he was serious, it wasn’t hyperbole?

I support a goverment that advocates the use of ninjas.

Who else will protect us from pirates? Pirates fucking hate ninjas! :smiley:

Too bad they invented the atomic bomb.

Go away, anti-intellectual fundie.

Linkety link.

I got so pumped up after posting this that I headbutted my dog and we both thought it was awesome.

Judging from your other posts, I’m wondering exactly why I’m supposed to give a rat’s ass what you think.

But just so you can mark your calendar: April 28th. Get yourself some Viagra, a pair of tweezers and an electron microscope and maybe you can have yourself a little jerk-off fest on that day.

My Pit thread inspried a Great Debates thread which inspired a Pit thread. I’m rather impressed. :cool:

I took a geology class a few semesters ago that was taught by a professor who frequently visited Japan. He tried to teach us Japanese in addition to geology.

What in the hell are you babbling about?

Fuck - that was funny, even sven.

I didn’t get it either… but I assumed it was just because I only have 3 years of Japan experience.