Affairs of the Heart Advice Sort

This thread will probably sink like a stone but here goes.

There’s a friend of mine who I’ve been informed is splitting up from her boyfriend of 3 years. The thing is that there’s already some history between us. Last year she confessed that she’d been thinking about me and so we went out behind her boyfriend’s back, later in front of his face. Unfortunatly she kept going back to him, back to me, back to him, for about 2-3 months till finally she chose to stay with her boyfriend. Leaving me without my first love.

Now when I knew I couldn’t have her and thought I was over her I find out that she’s breaking up, my heart suddenly starts pining for her (evil things hearts can be). But I’ve only seen her via my group of friends and she hasn’t been talking to me as a friend for about the past 6 months.

So should I try to contact her as a friend, leave her alone and see if she comes to me or something else?

Come to the Londope in November and get thoroughly rat-arsed.

I think you should give it some time. On the other hand, if you do give it some time, she may get another boyfriend. Damn.

I think qts has the right idea. :wink:

Sorry I can’t be of much help right now. I’m sure wiser minds will come around soon to give you more appropriate advice.

I second qts’ suggestion - come to the LonDope and get wasted - it worked for me. (Well, the getting wasted bit at any rate.)

Run. Run like fuck and don’t ever look back.

She didn’t care for you enough to leave her boyfriend. She didn’t care for you enough to see only you. She goes out with guys behind boyfriends’ backs. And she hasn’t spoken to you in a casual context in months.

Forgive me if I’m not catching an upside.

Agree with Happy Scrappy Hero Pup. WHY would you want to be with a girl who you know:

A) Cheats
B) Isn’t able to keep a commitment to a close friendship
C) Can’t make up her minds between guys

I don’t get it…