After 3 years - finally - my 100th post!

Thank you - thank you…

While I can never hope to attain such greatness as Esprix who recently celebrated his 5000th post, I nevertheless puff my manly chest out with pride that I have managed to make it this far.

Thank you all for being my friends and inspiring me to even greater (and sometimes lower :smiley: ) heights.


if only they had been original…

I wish I’d managed to take that long… even taking into account my pre-signup lurking time, it took me less than a year.

Cheers, Rico!
Here’s to folks like us who don’t HAVE to post an opinion on every little thing!

6,000, actually… :wink:

Congrats, Rico, and it was a pleasure to meet you at San DiegDopefest.

And I charge you for your 101st post to tell whoever you wish to go fuck themselves for being a dick. (Not that there are any examples of such in this thread or anything… :rolleyes: )



LOL thanks Esprix but I’ll restrain myself forcefully…

If you’re wondering how long I’ve actually been around, I looked it up and I was the OP for thread # 8 on this board…

I was just a lurker for so long…

Thanks everyone :slight_smile:


Only 100 posts in 3 years?
You must be the type of Doper who has one of those-
uh–what do you call those things…

Oh yeah-


Well done!

I’m trying to be just like you. :smiley:

I am so jealous of you guys.

Cecil II expresses his heartfelt congratulations.