Again with the annoying commercials!

dear taco bell your ads on youtube had me hyped for a cool looking anime movie I hadn’t seen yet or if it wasn’t a new one I hadn’t seen… finding out it was about “nacho fries” didn’t impress me a whole lot
Now someone said it’s an actual series just redubbed with terrible lines about said fries …

Bleh i say …

Two that creep me out.

Bob’s Bob-o-pedic with the creepy puppets.

And Kerasal with the creepy talking feet.

They’ve been doing that for several years, with different genres. I think they’re pretty cool.

Still not going to buy their fries, though.

The real Bob went grey a long time ago; the puppet and cartoon versions clearly are compensating for something.

The one for McDonald’s that takes place in a car and is shown from the POV of a backseat passenger where the two people in the front seats continually reach their hands back and gesture for french fries. Cleverly titled “the claw” (not the craw!), a phenomenon we’re all supposed to be familiar with, I guess.
I’m not sure which irritates me more; the rude “gimme” gesture or the crinkle sound of the bag. If they wanted french fries, why the hell didn’t they order their own?

Not that I haven’t slapped folks trying to steal my fries, but perhaps economic straits caused them to buy a single large fry to be shared? Although even in that case, I would expect the fries to be in the front seat, and the person in back can reach forward to get their share.

Did economic straits rob them of their manners too? :slightly_smiling_face: It’s not the concept of sharing I mind, it’s that greedy “gimme” gesture that sets my teeth on edge. Not saying it’s rational, it just filets my fish.

Understood. But if they were purchased as shared item, it seems unnecessary to politely ask everytime to give me some more fries. Put them somewhere generally accessible (hard in a car, I understand).

Since this is the Dope, someone has to chime in with "WHY are you defending those fry-moochers? They’re what’s wrong with modern America. Back in my day, each of us got a potato and our own peeler and we said Thank You, Ma’m!"

Now about that quarterpounder you are eating…

I don’t get it :confused:

And when there was no potatoes, we ate sand.

You got a peeler? Luxury. We had to scrap the peels off with rocks we found by the road.

At least you had a road to find rocks by. We had to forage for rocks.

We had to make our own rocks using our kidney stones.

Potatoes?!? You had your very own potato?

:stuck_out_tongue: :man_cook: :woman_cook:

At least you each had your own stones. We only had one and had to share.

Just as a point of information: I would have a strong tendency to buy any product that used a (duly licensed) reference to Raising Arizona as a hook.

Disposable diapers would be an obvious product that could benefit from this positive prejudice; tattoo parlors, likewise.

It’s bad enough when I have commercials for service station “food” inflicted on me while gassing up, but high-volume screaming ads for various kinds of crap are beyond the limit.

“Premium” and “GMC” do not go together. Cadillac, OTOH…