Again with the annoying commercials!

Currently hating the Buick Envision ad with the 4 women who supposedly just finished spin class… with perfect hair and makeup. The craptastic cherry on the craptastic commercial cake is “I used to hate parallel parking.” followed by the unison “Me, too!”

SHUT up!!!

Buy a Buick and start talking to yourself!

Some plumbing service has introduced an ad featuring what I’m assuming is supposed to be a precious little child using a plunger to try to stuff/flush half her toys down the toilet (complete with an up-close of her creepy little face as she says “bye bye!”), while her mother watches helplessly and tells her repeatedly to stop.

Now it’s entirely possible that I missed the purpose of the ad, and they’re actually trying to sell some form of birth control…

I think this scenario has been used in more than one annoying commercial: young wife is preparing a big meal for the extended family, and putting a lot of effort into it. The meal is a big success, and there is much relief when the sour old matriarch of the family gives a little grimace of approval.

If it’s the same commercial I’m thinking of, it is four copies of the same woman representing different traits (none of which can park, apparently) - which is new commercial trend that can stop any time now in any case.

At least the Zillow commercial makes it clear that all the different Susans only exist in her head.


Just kinda half-saw a commercial for some stool softener, and the jingle being sung made reference to pushing pineapples out your ass!

I’m not the sort of person who gets annoyed by commercials, but the Seat Geek ads with the talking asses really, really bug me.

I’m an old lady who doesn’t sleep much a demographic that MyPillow Guy loves a lot, apparently, because his commercials play at least twice during every show I watch after 12 am, sometimes twice in a row. But I think he must be getting desperate. His latest commercial first talks about MyPillow and how American it is and it is made in America with 100% American products and 100% super patriotic American people (originally 69.99 and at it’s lowest price ever!!! 19.99!!!) and then slides without pause into a pitch for his 100% Egyptian cotton sheets (made from cotton from ‘Geyser’ because he’s an idiot who didn’t even try to find out how to pronounce ‘Giza’) without a hint of irony AND THEN segues into “Don’t you hate it when you towels don’t dry you and just move the water around? My towels will dry you!!!” And I hate him so much I wish his stupid mustache would burst into flames just so I could watch his face melt like the Nazis at the end of Raiders of the Lost Arc.

Brava, lady. You cracked me right up with this missive. :smiley: Thanks!

I don’t watch a lot late night or daytime TV, but I watch (or record) the daily Jeopardy! shows. The local station always runs one or two pillow commercials during that time. I wonder if it’s some kind of intelligence test, or is it just irony.

I don’t think the commercials run during Jeopardy could be as terrible as the late night ones for one good reason, they would be too short. The late night ones on Old People Cable Channels verge into infomercial length territory and I begin to wonder if I’ll ever find out if the retired English couple will ever recover their house from the sinkhole it is falling into.

that one is sort of funny tho especially since the ones in her mind sound like they’re 10 …

Now there’s one even more annoying: “Martha”.

You’re not the only one! Gah! I hate those.

They run them here in the Phoenix market between the 5 different sports betting commercials, which are apparently going to run forever. I hate them, too.