Again with the annoying commercials!

He’s not so bad. The fool trying to be Ernest P. Worrell, OTOH…

One of those gutter covers guys looks like the love child of Donny Osmond and Frankenstein’s monster.

I don’t know what this is, but Goddamn, Did I Laugh!

Has anybody seen the commercial for SiriusXM that features celebrities screaming “Lasagna!” at each other? I normally let the commercials play, but after one performance, I reached for the mute button about halfway through. Irritating, obnoxious, loud, and nothing that would make me want to subscribe to the service.

I always thought she was the inspiration for the faces in the movie “Up”.

Oh god, yes, the attack of “Lasagna Man”.

Has anyone else seen this one? I almost think I saw it in a dream:

It advertises some woo-ey erectile dysfunction aid (pill?). It is called He-something…He-Man, He-Grow, something ridiculous like that.

Here’s the best part: at the end of the spot there is a guarantee of sorts with the tagline “get hard or your money back”. The kind of thing you’d see in a pop-up porn ad, not on the tube.

I’ve only seen it once, about a week ago.


The first google hit for “get hard or your money back was hims, which may well be the commercial you’re thinking of.

Yep, that’s the one.



Hims isn’t even a product, just a reseller. They sell Viagra and Cialis by mail.

Fabric softener isn’t the only product that induces involuntary spasmodic contortions in users. The apple cider vinegar supplement currently in heavy ad rotation evidently does the same thing, in addition to causing confusion.

ACV is one of the wooiest of all woo remedies.

I remember an informercial for Sled Dogs that aired in the wee hours back in mid 1990s. I hadn’t seen this ad since 1996 or so but Youtube had it. Sled Dogs commercial - 1996 - YouTube It was quite the oddity back then.

Now Craig Robinson is singing the praises of Gain to the tune of “Maniac” - he’s a Gainiac!
Gainiac on YouTube

I love this commercial; but my wife needed eye bleach.

I second your wife’s sentiment - plus ear bleach! (Is that a thing?)

I was put off by the Lumé deodorant commercial at first, but I think I’ve come to appreciate, and dare I say even enjoy, the ‘in your face’ humorous aspect of how it just goes for it and tells it like it is, not bothering to engage in nebulous euphemisms. “For all your stinky crevices!”. Maybe I should be posting in the “Commercials you don’t hate” thread…?

Here’s a long-form (over 2 minute) version that doubles down on the grossitude in the TV version:

“You have enough douchebags in your life, Sarah.”

That is the best commercial EVER. It’s funny and to the point.

Target’s new tagline makes my teeth itch: Things you value more shouldn’t cost more.

It’s like they have no respect for the English language.

Anyone up on my roof with a bullhorn yelling about pizza deals gets the hose.