Again with the annoying commercials!

Don’t forget DYN-O-MITE!

Why does he say money that way? I remember he used to say “Dyn-o-mite!”, but was “maaannaay” one of his things?

Could be that he keeps piling on new annoying things throughout his life like stupid pronunciations and dating Ann Coulter.

Ewww! Did not know that.

Dirty? Why are they covered with three inches of mud?

Yeah, I don’t get these. What kind of game is it?

And why fer god’s sake aren’t you covering their windows??

I’ve notice a spate of commercials trying to make the stupidest thing about their product a selling point. Weatherbug app touting it will notify you immediately when there is a lightning strike near you. Like your very own eyes and ears don’t work detecting lightning near you?

The worst is Kraft cheese’s newest glorifying its plastic squareness. Now, American cheese has it’s place but Kraft singles is the worst kind of American cheese. It’s, like, fake American cheese and here’s the most fake part about it-- square it!

I have not noticed these at all. So either I am lucky or clueless.

What I hate is the “help the homeless” ad with a cute young blonde girl looking helpless and hopeless, instead of some 70 yo veteran.

There’s a fast food company ad that features employees high-fiving each other non-stop inside the store. Even pre-COVID this was cringe inducing.

That’s right, let’s maximize the transmission of Hepatitis, E. Coli, etc.

(I tried searching for it to give the company name but got nothing. OTOH, for the 2nd time in two days I got a lot of “In-N-Out makes the worst fries” links.)

Wendy’s “High Fry’ve!” (Sorry.)

I know I’m not the target audience, but why would Bosley think that a scruffy, strung-out-looking guy yelling at the camera is a good way to increase sales of their product? (Also, “alpha male?” Is that supposed to be a joke?)

I want to gripe about “Dr. Rick” in the Progressive ads. He purports to be helping mid-aged adults not turn into their parents. In some commercials the things he advised against things like velcro-ing the TV remote to the coffee table or wearing socks with sandals. I can get behind that.

But the tone of the recent ads has made him much more annoying to me. Case-in-point #1, in the grocery store he chides his “client” for telling the store manager what a good job the guy in Produce was doing? So, yeah, let’s do away with giving someone a deserved pat on the back. Society doesn’t like you anyway. Case-in-point #2: Has a group in a movie theater and someone claps at the end of the movie. He tells her “No one who made the movie is here.” Really? Fie on you.

If clapping at the end of an enjoyable experience or complimenting someone to their boss is a sign that I’m getting like my parents, well, I’ll remember that my parents were polite, good-natured people who associated with others like that and maybe society was a little less grumpy at the time.

Thanks, I feel better.

But not better enough that I want to keep seeing the commercial for the Mazda CX50 where they tell me it’s a car (SUV, thing actually) that’s “designed for the outdoors.”

Well good, because I’m tired of all these vehicles designed to be used indoors. And don’t get me started on “Professional driver on closed course. Do not attempt.” for some guy driving down a normal street that might not even have any traffic on it.

This one bugs me a bit. If someone knocks it out of the park, their manager should be told. Managers always hear about the bad stuff, never the good stuff.


Yeah, I’m not taking any shit from a middle-aged schlub with a cheesy mustache and sweater vest. Dude is Full L7 Nerd Bait. Fuck this guy, and Progressive in general.

And as far as the “Turning into My Parents” thing, well, my old man flew fighter jets and built a multi-million dollar empire all by himself. Geez, who would wish for that??? :thinking:

I hate the one chiding the people for bringing their own snacks on a pane. WTF Chuck? We should pay too much for snacks bought inside the airport? Rely on airline food? Starve?

I understood them to be more of a “Take a chance and try our product!” sort of idea. Kind of a “Other people are doing this really crazy stuff… you can just have a Jack & Ginger Ale instead!”

I never interpreted it as “Drink our whiskey, and you’ll do crazy stuff!”

He’s a sort of parody of Dr. Phil, except that his specialty is keeping people from “becoming their parents”.

I do agree that they should have stuck to clearly old-fart behaviors like printing emails, socks with sandals, freezing every leftover without labeling it, wearing fanny packs, etc…

I see plenty of drivers who shouldn’t be driving down any street.

I have a possible answer for this one. The cars usually don’t have legal plates, they’ve got ones that are painted the same color as the car.