Ah, yes, rumor control central is alive and well

Here’s the story I’m commenting upon.

Basically two students are facing charges of disorderly conduct for copulation in school buildings.

I’m specifically hoping to avoid the issue about at what age do parents or in loco parentis have a right to speak up about minors having sex. I understand that there are a number of positions on that, and a good thread in GD on it, and plnnr’s excellent thread too. Let’s keep that debate there, please.

Whether the school had a right or reason to get involved, I’m furious that the reason they investigated at all is because they ‘heard stories’ about the event. What about facing one’s accusers, and all those other civil liberties? Hmm? The fact that these kids have been stampeded into ‘admitting’ to misdemeanors is what’s burning. And stampeded based on rumor. WTF?!?!?!




I don’t think there’s a school in the land that permits blow jobs in the hallways.

Nope. I agree.

But do they prosecute based on the rumors running through the school? I can assure you that I don’t recall any prosecution of students during my school days for rumors of that nature.

Had they been caught in flagrante, I’d have no problem. They weren’t.

Sorry I don’t usually care about spelling but there’s this tiny little white rectangle with a red cross on it in my head that starts barking when it doesn’t see a ‘u’ where it should.

Back to the point of the thread.

Well the cops heard a rumor that a law had been broken, they confronted the individuals who allegedly engaged in prohibited activity, the individuals confessed.

I am not sure what the issue is. Are you upset that engaging in sexual activity in school is prohibited?

And for all we know, when the faculty got wind of the story, they cannot assume that it was consentual. If the rumor (or rumour) was that the girl was forced to consent to the sex act (just guessing it was a hummer), and didn’t investigate it, they’d be in a world of legal hot water, wouldn’t they?

Are you suggesting that rumor should be spelled with an extra “u”? :confused:

No problem, Lobsang. I knew what you were complaining about. And I gave you the typical American response to your silly language prejudices. :wink:

Askeptic, I’m not really complaining about the cops - they had to respond to the complaint. What I’m not so sure about is the rectitude of the school administration. The impression I had reading the story was that the students involved are being punished and prosecuted based on admissions made to the school administration, then having the issue handed over to the law enforcement.

Consider a similar incident - a rumor starts going through the school that Bill and Betty had sex in the hallways next week. The administration sits on them. They admit to it. Only, they admitted after an hour of intimidation - not because they actually did it. Rather the rumor was a malicious fabrication of several other students. I do recall a few of those sorts of rumor going around during my HS days. At least one of which was started by an upper-classman who’d been spurned by the younger girl.

There are other ways to deal with this - ISS, trying to catch the students in flagrante if they do it again (Which would have been likely if they got away with it this time.), etc. I do not think that this was an appropriate response to a rumor that did not involve threat to life and limb.

Lobsang http://dictionary.reference.com/search?q=rumor

Sneaking up on people, hoping to catch them having sex makes you a weirdo, IMHO. Most people when/where I was in college knew to gently clear their throats when approaching the lesser used stacks and annexes in the library.
Considering how many people (including staff!) who were rumored to have been lingering in the dark with company, my school officials would have had nothing else to do.
But these were high school students, who were not supposed to be where they were. I think the school has some responsibility to keep an eye on the students, since the school district is the ones who would have gotten their asses sued off if the sex had not been consensual. School students, as gets pointed out in thread on an almost weekly basis, have no rights while at school. The school would doubtless reacted the same way to rumors about smoking, or building bombs in the chemistry lab.

Casey, I think my comments above to Askeptic address your concern as well. I’m not suggesting that the school should have done nothing. Just something different than formal misdemeanor charges.

Though, to be honest, if they pre-arranged the situation - as the article suggests, I’m not sure that the assumption of the possibility of force comes into play. Though I guess it could. A wash, there.



askepticRumour Definition & Meaning | Dictionary.com

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Otaluki Well I personally agree, but I did not see any of the things you are concerned about in the article you linked. If it is a matter of official misconduct it should be addressed. Here all I see is officials heard rumors and took appropriate measures. If the confessions were made under duress that is a different issue.

It’s a British thing, Askeptic. Let them have their extra letters. It’s a source of national pride or something. :wink:

I am making guesses, I’ll admit.

But I don’t imagine that many kids would simply respond to the question: “We’ve heard rumo(u)rs you and X had sex in the hall this morning, before school. Is this true?” with anything other than an emphatic, “No!” So I suspect having a “counselling session” to get to the truth is what happened.

I may be wrong, but if I had to put money on it, I’d go with my scenario.

I’m supposing that when the faculty initially got word of it, there was no mention of “pre-arranged” at all. When the kids confessed, they probably said they planned it in advance, whether to remove all doubts about an assault having taken place or whatever.

Misdemeanor? Pfft. They’ll get fined at worst if it even gets to court. It probably won’t, but I bet they’re shitting their pants just the same, huh?