Al fresco Boston Dopefest

I originally suggested a Dopefest when my computer was going to hell. Since it fell aprart, and we now have nice weather, I hereby open the floor to venue suggestions. Reminders:

1)Wheelchair accessible
2)In greater-Boston

What all would a Dopefest entail? Restaurant? Est. number of dopes? Indoors? Outdoors?

I just joined the board but I could get into driving down to Boston, from Maine, to do this…

~ tapu

Ah. Al fresco. Goddit.

My summer is pretty crazy, so I don’t know if I could make it, but this might help your planning:

Remember, by the time we decide on a place, it could be winter again.

Then you can all fly down to Florida and do it here!

I’d be interested, as, I’m sure, Pepper Mill would.
Our summer is simple and straightforward. It’s MilliCal’s that’s already got a full social calendar.

I’m up for whatever. I just can’t make it between July 19th and 26th, unless we want to meet in Vineyard Haven.

We can do the end of the month tdn. Anyone willing to trek to the South Shore? (Okay if not)

I’d like to attend. But over the summer it’s just hit or miss, I can’t reserve a date, but pick one and maybe it will work out. South Shore is fine for me.