Why is it that people get sloppy drunk and think its cool? I hear all the time “dude, i drank 340 beers last night” or “I got sooo drunk then f****d all night” Maybe I am just a boring person or something but going to a bar and spending large quantitys of money on small amounts of liquor only to become sick doesnt seem like much fun… I think I have received the cure of being surrounded by drunks or something… OK thereis my pointless stuff…


welcome to the bords stranger :wink:

cheerio! sound of glasses clinking
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I dont really like being around drunk people either.
They might throw up on you any second…


Anybody that said they got totally f***** up and then screwed all night is a liar. Or hallucinating. Usually they just THINK they did.

These types are usually lousy in the sack, drunk or straight, in my experience.

i have definatly heard some outlandish stories about sexual performance under the influance of alcohol… I remember one situation the story changed from “i asked him to leave” to “I threw him out” to “I threw him out the window” to “I threw him out the window on the 4th floor” common, drunk or not people must have some common sense!!

Why would you pay for something that will make you a jerk and then be bad in bed? Then leave you ripped up the next morning?

Because. People are idiots that way.

Glad I Don’t drink…

Now ya wanna talk about pointless… the combination of strip clubs and alcohol… I will admit to going through my strip club phase but after spending about $100 i realized … woah this is stupid! Drinking alcohol over priced by 300% watching women that will 1. never touch you without being paid 2. detest your presence 3. most likely hate their job 4. will rip you off 9 times out of 10

only reason i brought this up is because i have heard many drunk stories about taking strippers home…

common comments… throw’em at me…

Oh, please, get off your high horses :slight_smile:

Not everyone that drinks is an “idiot” and drinking doesn’t necessarily “make you a jerk”.

Moderation in all things, as they say.

Ok, perhaps i did make it seem like every single person that drinks is a jerk or whatever… i stand corrected… but it is just that the majority that i know drink like fools and become silly sloshed and stupid… for example, last night there was an alcohol related incident that caused 10 armed security personel to arrive… what kind of fun is this substance called alcohol providing !?! Am I missing something? clue me in…


No, stupidity is stupidity, I agree completely.

I dont know if it is improper to quote myself but I decided i like “Silly, Sloshed, and Stupid”…

“The S’s of drunkardness”


No, they probably DID screw all night trying to get off and never accomplishing anything cause they were too drunk/numb/lousy in bed to know the difference.

Been there, was BORED to death, should have just bought the T-shirt.

As a former stripper… most of the ones I knew didn’t detest the men (hey we LIKED you to show up) and most of us loved our job. Some would rip you off, I would say maybe the same percentage as would people of any job.

Oh, and at the club I worked at, we wouldn’t touch you even if you did pay us. It was illegal and our club was very strict.

Former teetotaler reporting in. I never had a drink until I was 23 (I’m 27), and found drunk people to generally to be completely irritating. Because I associated drinking with people acting like idiots, I avoided it for a lot longer than I would have without those associations.

I finally started drinking wine with my girlfriend. It was fun – lowered inhibitions lead to lots of good, playful things. I now drink socially, and every once in a while get flat-out drunk. It’s a lot of fun. I’ve only been sick once or twice – I usually stop when I’m tipsy and silly and have no ill effects the next day (drinking lots of water all night is a very very good idea.)

I’ve certainly gotten rowdy and obnoxious, I’m sure, but I’m OK with that. It’s been a positive experience and I’m really glad I didn’t abstain forever, based on the negative actions of other people. I’m also really glad I started when I wanted to, for my own reasons.

My advice: there’s nothing wrong with not drinking. But, if you take it slowly, I think it’s definitely worth a try. (It helps if you’re with the right group of friends, who will respect your pace and who you can act silly with.) And for some reason, telling embarrassing drunken stories is fascinating for some reason. I have no idea why.

I just want to say this. I go to a school with a good amount of drinking (though you wouldn’t think it.) I’ll say this in alcohol’s defense. Without it, there would be virtually nothing to bring people out of their anti-social shells here. We have a lot of people who, if there wasn’t a frat party to go to, would merley sit by themsevles in thier rooms.
That is socially unhealthy. People need to get out and make friends. Drinking allows many of those people to do that.
Yes, people drink to an excess and that is not healthy. And yes, there is a good amount of people who don’t drink and are socially fine.
I’m just saying that, here at least, alcohol does serve at least a little bit of good.

I didn’t drink until the age of 20, and I always felt that I wasn’t missing out on anything…but my feelings have really changed on the matter. Social drinking is a great way to unwind and promote interaction that might not occur otherwise, and in that sense I find it to be rather harmless as long as precautions are taken when it comes to health and safety. To me, hanging out with my best friends, pounding a few back, and sharing some laughs is one of the best ways to spend a weekend, and sure some people go a littl overboard sometimes and pay for it the next morning, but nothing’s perfect.

I’ll say that I used to be one of those types who had to wring out their liver on Mondays, and was PROUD of it. Why? It was fun, I was with people who were also drinking, it made for a lot of silly escapades…since I was a controlled drunk, I didn’t often get into stupid or embarassing situations. (Even people who knew me well generally couldn’t tell I was in a complete blackout.)

I think alcohol use is absolutely great for people who can do it in moderation. I wish I still could! It’s a great social interaction facilitator, helps one relax, feels really good…unfortunately binge drinking seems to be on the rise, especially amongst younger people. And being a drunken spectacle is SO not attractive…

I’m glad I’m sober now, and glad I cut loose when I was younger. I’m not glad about some of the incredibly stupid things I did when I was out of control with drinking.

Also, I used to be a “dancer”…most of the women I worked with were lesbians. I have no idea why that was.

Carina42 said a lot of good things - I used to drink much more in my misspent youth, and for me, it’s much better if I keep my inhibitions intact. I never made it to “alcoholic”, but I certainly made it to “wish I hadn’t gotten drunk and done that” more times than I care to recall. Going to a bar with friends and drinking (a little!) can be very fun; it’s been said before, and it really is a good idea - “Moderation in all things.”

I have a very low tolerance for alcohol - usually one drink has me yawning - so I abstain more often than not. I never understood the thrill of getting so drunk that you’d forget everything. I had a roomie puke in my car and a “friend” barf on my wall en route to my trash can. I had an acqualitance crawl in bed with me and tell me it was just because he was drunk (how amazingly flattering!!!) I have a sister who nearly killed herself while DUI.

I don’t get it. What’s fun about behaving like an ass? What’s the point of partying till you’re sick? Where’s the appeal of waking up wondering what the hell went on last night?? Just don’t get it…
FWIW, when I entertain, I might have a couple of bottles of wine for guests, but we always seem to manage a fun gathering without drinking. Somehow, conversation and togetherness make for a good time for us. Weird, huh?

Now you and I must convey our message to the rest of the world…

Or atleast have a warning label put on bottles of alcohol:


Problem is, the people specifically targeted by that warning would be the people least likely to heed the warning.