Alias 12/15


This is the perfect example of how to get an audience to tune in next week. It had us thinking the whole time about what a great character Stuart (is that right?) is, the character development for him was pretty interesting, that the show can be pretty darn funny sometimes, and that a happy ending was going to happen.

Boom. Guess not! Someone tell me again who the Chinese man in the wheelchair is. He frightens me. I’m thinking he frightens Stuart even more.

I also enjoyed the semi-tense scene between Syd, the two guys*, and Alice the girlfriend - well done.

However… Faye Dunaway? What the hell? I think she frightens me more than the Chinese man. Jack Bristow’s line about pillow talk with her being more painful than torture was great.

I wish this show came on an hour earlier. It seems I wait all day for it.


[sub]*I can’t keep anybody’s name straight in this show. I’ve got Syd and Jack Bristow down, but I think I need a little mini-guide with me just for the names.[/sub]

His name is Mashall, not Stuart.

oops, I mean Marshall.


That ending took me by surprise even though I saw Mr. Scary-Chinese-torture-guy watching Syd and Marshall at the Opera.
Marshall is one of my favorite characters on the show–I was cringing right along with him at the end.
The Scary-Chinese-torture-guy is the same guy that yanked out Sydney’s teeth when she was tortured last season.
Teeth seem to be his speciality.
Anyone have any guesses as to who’s kidnapped Sloan’s wife? I think it’s Jack. Don’t know what the motives might be, but I just think it’s him because he’d be the last person Sloan would suspect and also because Sloan confided in him.

I was really nervous that Marshall was going to be written off the show. He’s my favorite character. Now I’m nervous that something horrible is going to happen and he’s not going to be ebbulient Marshall whom I love so. I just adored it when he asked Sydney to take some pictures so he could composite himself in for his mother to make her think he goes places. It enhances his cover and it makes Mom happy and that’s just the kind of touch I’d expect from him.

So I wonder why it is that the CIA couldn’t hire Will before because of his criminal record but now they can. Maybe there was a provision in the Homeland Security Act that just passed, similar to the Eli Lilly sweetheart deal, letting the agency hire Will? Certainly a possibility seeing as how a senator seems to make the decisions for the CIA.

Who kidnapped Emily? I have this sneaking feeling no one did, she’s running this scam on her own. But I have no idea how or why.

Same here. But I’m having a hard time running scenarios through that would make me want to cut off my own finger. I think she’s working with Jack - remember how he clammed up when asked who he’s had sex with in the last 10 years?

Does anyone besides me think that Rembaldi is still alive somewhere?

Last season I thought this sub-plot had something to do with time travel, but the Dec. 8 episode with the flower talked about life-prolonging experiments.


I’ve wondered about that too, and they’ve already hinted at it with the clockmaker. I don’t remember the exact phrasing, but he slipped and said something that insinuated that he had seen the clock when it was first made, making him several hundred years old.

Now, did anyone actually say that they had genetically tested the finger and matched it to Emily? They did say that they tested it to determine it was removed while the subject was still alive but without genetic testing it could be anyone’s finger with Emily’s ring on it. me, I’m running through scenarios that would make me want to part with that enormous rock!

Although with however many million in untraceable bearer bonds that were made off with a couple weeks ago, she can but however many diamonds she wants.

Yep, I’ve thought that too.
Remember that sketch of Syd’s face that was found in those old papers belonging to Rimbaldi? How did that come about? I wonder if it had something to do with time travel. Maybe he came to the future and then traveled back or something?

About Sloane’s wife–I don’t think she was exactly “kidnapped” but actually knew what was going on and was in on the plot and I defintely think Jack has something to do with it.

But poor Marshall!! I hope he doesn’t come back all bitter and sad because he was the best comic relief the show has! :eek: I’m hoping that Syd will go and rescue him as she usually does and he will end up working with her in the CIA.

And what about Sark? He’s defintely got the hots for Syd. I also want to know just how well he and Syd’s mother know each other and how much he knows about Syd.
I actually think he’s going to turn out to be a good guy in the end.