Alias 4/18- I was wrong!

Okay. I guess I’ll start this one, and I will admit that I was Wrong. Since Season 1 I’ve been insisting to my watching partner that Sydney is Sloane’s daughter, but now we discover that Sydney has a sister, the product of Irina & Sloane’s affair, and she is The Passenger.

But at least I knew that Jack doctored the wine to fake Sloane’s execution but the Trust thing is a bit much, though I liked how Sydney played Jack on that one…children always know how to manipulate their parents into getting what they want!

Poor Vaughn…now Sydney’s thinking maybe she doesn’t want to hook up with a guy who’s going to be exactly like Daddy in 30 years, or will she decide that true love can overcome anything?

I didn’t realize that Lauren’s mom was being played by Peggy Lipton until tonight. She acts marginally better than she did in Mod Squad, but is still clinging to that same hairstyle.

Was anyone fooled by Sloane’s execution? For someone who’s been absolutely crucial in setting the tone and atmosphere of this series, you can’t expect your audience to believe an execution that just hasn’t been hyped or involved some heated controversy.

Regardless, knowing that it wasn’t going to happen, I was glad to see them reveal the hoax immediately, rather than drag it out a couple of weeks. It keeps the arc going, rather than dwell on the smaller details.

And I’m sorry, but I’ve been in love with Jennifer Garner since I started watching, but Vaughn’s wife is the hottest thing since Vesuvius.

Oh, come on! Lauren doesn’t even begin to orbit the planet that is JG! She’s got the oddest facial features I’ve seen in some time, but I won’t itemize them since I respect your crush even if I can’t agree with it :wink: .

I loved when Jack told Marshall he had the most challenging part of the mission: “Act normal”.

I have forgotten entirely what “The Passenger” is. I know who it is now, of course. But what is it? Why are they looking for it? What will it do once they find it?

I seriously can’t remember anymore (not that it probably matters that much), so can anyone remind me?

I bet we’re going to find out that Syd’s Sloane’s daughter and the missing “daughter” is Jack’s.

Note, I called it first and if I’m wring so be it.

I got sucked in to believing Sloane was dead and I was freaked out…I love Sloane–hes’s so darned complicated.

Anyone think it was weird that Vaughn had sex w/ his wife and then everyone acted like it was just part of the job? Couldn’t he have said something about not being ready for that given their problems or that it was the wrong time for that–he knew they were listening!

No, that would make Syd the Passenger, and Carradine said the Passenger was Syd’s sister. We know that the Passenger is Sloane’s daughter because the machine that was printing everything out matched his DNA to the Passenger - and Sloane’s had access to Syd’s DNA forever (one would assume), and he’s spent the last 4 years trying to find his daughter.

If that makes any sense!

Weren’t they in, like, Lauren’s mom’s bedroom at that point? That would have been enough of an excuse for me if I were Vaughn. Then again, maybe it was Lauren’s room since he was getting a sweater. No idea. Anyway.

I agree completely. It was so obvious that Sloane wasn’t going to die this way, and I was very nervous that they’d drag it out and make the season end with “Gasp! He’s alive!,” which would have been completely anticlimactic.

I liked this episode for the most part, although I wish Lauren’s evildoing had come into light earlier in the season, because I think Syd and Vaughn using Lauren to bring down the Covenant without her knowledge is way more interesting than the Lauren stuff we got for most of the season.

Oh, and I loved, loved, loved Jacks’ talk with Sloane before the excecution. (Paraphrased) “What you’ve put Sydney through? Nothing compared to what I will do to your daughter when I find her.” I love Jack.

And what if Carradine was wrong huh? :slight_smile:

Who wants to bet that Lauren is Syd’s sister (they do look a bit alike ya know)…

Hush girl. Carradine is never wrong.

Oh, I think we can all agree that that’s guaranteed.

I agree. I’d be shocked if she wasn’t. If nothing else, I don’t imagine they’d establish that this person exists and introduce us to a completely new character a few episodes before the end of the season.

I’ve just got to pipe in on the Syd / Lauren issue. Syd used to look smashing, but those bangs just ruin the look of her entire face. At least sometimes she’s walking against the wind and they’re off her forehead! And Lauren has always looked good, though her cold personality does absolutely nothing for me.

What about her increased tendency to get naked and make out with random guys?

Slight spoiler:

I wouldn’t look at any guest star lists if I were you!

What about it? Do you mean that it signifies she doesn’t have a cold personality? Or do you mean that it’s cool because I can imagine being one of those guys? Or what?

Most of those are means to an end, IMHO. Also, she has a tendency to inflict Grievous Bodily Harm on those she makes out with, at least a significant percentage. And that wouldn’t be cool in the least.

Aha! If that’s true, then my daughter was right – she said that Syd’s sis would turn out to be someone we already know (she didn’t appreciate my “I bet it’s Marshall’s wife!” comment).

Actually, when Grasshopp… uhh, David Carradine, said “sister”, I immediately blurted out “And Jennifer Garner gets to play both roles!”

That comes from growing up with bad sitcoms where, if Samantha’s Wild Sister or Gilligan’s Evil Twin turns up, Elizabeth Montgomery or Bob Denver get to play both characters. And Hilarity Ensues.

So… Lauren (it’d be awkward)? Jennifer Garner 2 (hope not)? Will Tippin the trans-sexual (eeeww)? Marshall’s wife (okay, I’ll stop)? Or will they prolong the agony and leave us hanging? Lately, they’ve been pretty good about getting on with the plot, so I’m betting we find out soon.

I can guarantee that you’re all wrong that Lauren is Syd’s sister. They’ve cast someone else as her sister. I can’t remember her name- Mia something or other- but she was in Frida. But Lauren is just Covenant. She’s not as eeevil as SpySis.

I am so pissed off that I missed this episode! Instead we saw The Alamo. Total waste of time. Dammit!

I was hoping someone would answer the questions about the passenger and the plotline involved in that. Alias is my favorite show, but Sundays nights can be crazy with 3 kids getting ready for bed and everything.
And just wanted to add my $.02 about Sydney being WAY hotter than Lauren (that overbite of hers just makes me wanna buy her braces). JG is #1 on my If I Were Gay list.

Can’t answer your question about The Passenger because I don’t have a freaking clue. First it was a biological weapon, then a person, then who knows. And I like Sydney’s bangs!

What are your questions?

I almost replied earlier with a thread titled “Otto, we need you!”

Don’t wait for us to come up with individual questions – go ahead and tell us everything you know (and conjectures, too) about:
• The Passenger
• The Trust
• Sloane’s Future Role
• Jack’s Future Role
• Will’s Future Role (if any)
• Irina’s return (hey, I can hope, can’t I?)
• Why Marshall has never revealed that his real name is Milo Flinckman Rimbaldi
• Why Lauren Should Not Be Sydney’s Sister, Should Never Again Be Shown Making Out With Sark, And Be Unemployed As Soon As Possible
Hope you have time to jot us some notes, Otto. It just felt wrong to be swapping Alias ideas without you. Any off-the-wall thoughts or observations welcome (past plot points that are obvious to you may be news to many viewers).

And that goes for anyone else out there. Got any opinion on the future of the show? Jump in!