Alias 5/5 *spoiler*

Please, someone tell me that Will Tippin isn’t dead. He and the CIA guy are the reasons I watch. Well, I watch because it rocks.
But the scenery is nice, too.

Anyone here think that Will is OK?

Who’s the actor that plays him? I may have to stalk some fan sites to get my fix, if he leaves the show. Has he been in anything else?

Will Tippin fans, rise up and unite!

I hope he’s not dead, too. Does anyone know if a tranq could be shot from a pistol, and if it would eject a casing?

Hi, I missed this episode. Can someone give me a summary(as detailed as you like) about what happened? What was the story?

I’m not so sure that Will is dead … I think they laid too much groundwork about him being “recruited” to the CIA earlier in the episode.

But I don’t know for sure, because they also made him out to be really understanding and good at the end, which is usually a sure recipe for death.

Great episode, though! Sorry Mahaloth, I don’t think I remember enough to give a proper review. I’ll leave it to someone who can recount it better.


I’m torn. I hope he’s not dead because I care about the characters, but then again I hope he is dead because I love it when television surprises me.


Three words: bullet proof vest.

They should keep him around simply so that he can make that shocked expression every episode. It was hilarious!

Sydney: Hi, Will.
Tipton: Wahhh!
Jack: Your shoes are untied.
Tipton: Wahhh!
Waitress: Heres your 39 cents change, sir.
Tipton: Wahhh!

My guess is that Will is still alive and will be recruited.
Next season, they will recruit the black woman living with them.
The following season they will change the name of the show to “The Mod Squad.”

More importantly, now that the wife is not going to die of cancer in a week, what’s gonna happen to her?

(This is one of the best action shows on TV now, next to 24)

Hmm… How about this hypothesis: The bad guy fired the gun, but not AT Tipton, but rather past his head to scare him (Wahhh!) so he wets his pants, gets a few powder burns, and can’t hear out of one ear for awhile. Thus, the bad guy encourages him to co-operate and come along quietly rather than put up a fight.

I have a feeling that he’s too valuable as a character, to be killed off quite yet and Sydney’s already had waaaay to much death in the first season. On the other hand, a good surprise is always appreciated.