Alice Cooper August 3rd concert

I went and saw Alice Cooper in concert last Friday night at the Wisconsin State Fair. This is the first time I’ve seen him since the Welcome to my Nightmare tour back in the mid-70’s.

All I can say is:

Holy shit! 70 years old and he fucking nailed it! He sounded fantastic, bounced around the stage like a 20 year old, and his band was just as awesome. Did many of his trademark hits and even gave a homage to Pink Floyd. His stage show was primo as well!

I see about 20 concerts a year. This one is definitely in the lead for the best one of 2018. He’s got a bunch of dates left on his tour. I strongly encourage you to go see him even if you’re not a huge fan. It is one hell of an entertaining show! :):cool:

Glad to hear you had a good time :slight_smile:

Alice has focused heavily on fitness and clean living for over two decades.

It certainly has paid off. He’s seventy and performing better than ever. He’s got the stamina of a thirty year old.

“We’re not worthy! We’re not worthy!”

Is Nita Strauss still playing for Alice?

Yes! :):cool::cool::cool::cool:

But she also has a solo tour in the works as well!

Aye; that’s why I asked: I’ve no idea when her solo thing starts.

She’s a fantastic player and performer, no doubt, and a really good fit for his style of music and imagery as well.

he is also a golf nut, he plays all the time. I guess that is part of his fitness regime

What’s even more amazing is that nearly 40 years ago his performance in “The Strange Case of Alice Cooper” live video was pretty lackluster and he looked like he was at death’s door.

I’m taking my daughter to see him this fall. I’ve seen him twice before, but it’ll be her first.

I’m so excited - I’ve got really good tickets for the August 14th show in San Jose, and I can’t wait!

I’ve seen him several times before (and even done the VIP meet and greet thing once–he signed my hat!) but I will never stop going to his shows every time he comes near me. I love Alice!

This doesn’t have to do too much with the topic, but Alice Cooper is so cool, he’s the only rock star with his own lotto scratch-off ticket.

I saw him back in 2009 at the Warfield in SF (front row!). Great show, great band, especially Damon Johnson and Keri Kelli on guitar…those guys rocked! Pics

That’s totally wild!:cool: I’m glad you shared it.