All dressed up and...

only work to go to.
Damn, I look good today. Too bad it’s going to be wasted on those hoodlums at work. Maybe I’ll find someone to flirt with at lunch.
Now back to your regularly scheduled posts.

Now THAT made my morning! There have been many aday I’ve felt exactly the same way…

… unfortunately, today’s not one of them! :wink:

Good luck at lunch!

It must be nice to be able to wear different thigs to work. I’ve worn a uniform, day in and day out, for the past 18 years.

My biggest decision when it comes to dressing?

Wash khaki or CNT – and they both look basically the same.

Simetra opens his closet door…

“Blues, blues, blues, dress blues, BDU, BDU, Winter-Weight BDU,… Hmmmm… I think I’ll go with the blues.”

Ha! The funny thing about this is that I go to lunch almost every day with my swee-pea, but I still don’t dress up for work. Usually I roll over and grab what ever jeans may be on the top of the pile and try to find a decent shirt. Although I must admit that I look pretty good today.

m-m-m-m-m. uniforms. :wink: