All hail Aesiron!

…Due to his philanthropy, I am no longer a Guest.

Go you now and bow at his feet. That should keep him occupied till I can pay him back.

I’ve been given a lot of help by various friends and acquaintances on the SDMB and am just trying to balance the scales out a little bit.

'twas my pleasure.

High five bro. :cool:

Goody. I’m glad you’re here for good.

Kudos to you, Aesiron.

Unbelievable. The unending sense of community the SDMB evokes never fails to impress me. Aesiron must have been given a donor organ from someone, because he’s helped me out in the past (via a taped copy of a show I missed - and I know he’s done the same thing multiple times in the Star Trek thread as well).

Ah, hail.

I guess I’ll stop poking at that voodoo doll I made then.

Now to make one up for Harimad-sol… *

*a guy’s gotta have a hobby!

Here Harry – called Harimad-sol by the D[oper]s – finds her true self, her Destiny.


It’s true, Aesiron pretty much does rock.

Good form, sir!

Aesiron certainly rocks. He’s hot too, which helps.


All hail Harimad-sol, wielder of Gonturan, defeater of Thurra! Champion and queen of Damar! She who can drop mountains on enemies’ heads, and has a cat named Narknon!

Actually, my husband seriously wants to name our next cat Narknon. We already have one named Aerin-sol, Dragonkiller.

Glad you’ve become a member.

I throw a brief salute in Aes’s direction.


Whoa, what? When did that happen? I think you might have me confused with asterion or something. Thank you anway, though. And everyone else too. You really know how to make a guy feel special. :slight_smile:

You’re tossing your panties to him?

Snaps for Aesiron. If you’re from the hood, that’s “props.” If you’re from the South, it’s “monster trucks.”

Let’s see if this works

Cecil! Come and hail Aesiron as the Benefactor of Benefactors!

Or, at least, thank him for being really cool or whatever.

I, for one, think he’s a doofus. I mean really, DS9 over TOS? What a tosser!

I think he rocks, too. And I’ve also heard he’s hot. Are we wrong?

I am a straight male and I therefore am legally unentitled to an opinion in re hotness.

I can say, though, that I was very happy to see that Charter Member under your name, Harimad-sol, as you’re easily one of my favorite new people on the boards. Not only that, but I can further say that Aesiron is indeed saluteworthy, and will be one of the major reasons I am reconsidering my decision to abandon Enterprise and participate in the threads during the upcoming season. Well, that and the fact that Manny Coto, one of the only decent things about the show, has gotten a promotion and will be supervising the stories this year instead of the Bermaga. But really, it’s about the threads. :slight_smile:

Ah, it’s so nice to be…maybe not loved, but certainly appreciated.

As for Aesiron, he does have a certain something that I like.

A pulse. :smiley: