All hail marzipan!

Is there a more delicious treat than the almondy food of the gods?

I went to Cost Plus the other day. To my delight, their supply of marzipan goodies was larger than usual. I think they think it’s a holiday food or something. I got tons of treats, which I am working through at an alarming rate. (Hey–it’s ALL NATURAL.)

Resolved: the only thing better than marzipan is marzipan with dark chocolate. If heaven does not involve almond paste and dark chocolate, I don’t want to hear about it.


Must admit that the first thing I thought at reading the title of this thread was “huh… Homestar Runner doesn’t update on Tuesdays…”


Marzipan rules.

raising my glass of cutty sark in respect to whoever the hell invented it

Mmmmm, marzipan. I used to buy a tube, cut it into slices, and munch out. If I really wanted a sugar high, I’d dunk the slices in Hershey’s dark chocolate syrup.

Before I even clicked on this thread I was thinking that marzipan is the food of the gods. I’ll pass on the chocolate though.

::whine:: I have never had marzipan ::whine::

My nephew #2 is a very strange creature, indeed. He doesn’t lika marzipan.

Marzipan? I thought it was an anti-depressant drug. It’s some kind of food, you say?

Marzipan’s a private matter.

Anyone from NYC know Elk Candy, at 86th and Third (maybe Second, I forget) Avenue? The Mecca of marzipan-lovers.

I made a cake with a lot of marzipan in the batter yesterday. I am currently eating some for breakfast. Marzipan makes practically everything better.

I think I need to get a Rittersport marzipan bar today. Dark chocolate and marzipan.

I like to put it in cinnamon rolls instead of cinnamon. I can’t remember the brand, but there is a marzipan log dipped in dark chocolate with a dash of brandy in the marzipan. When I find them, I buy a bunch and hide them in the house. Don’t tell.

Marzipan is almond paste, usually lightly sweetened. It tastes like almonds, except somehow BETTER.

You can buy it in candy-bar form, as alluded to previously; in logs, for use in baking; and molded into little fruits and whatnot.

Is there an OTC version I could get at, say, 7-11? Like a Zagnut?

Says the person who lives in the land of Anthon Berg. :wink:

[in tone of “It’s a floor wax!” “No, it’s a dessert topping!” argument]

There, there, marzipan is a food and an anti-depressant. The big Pharma cartels can’t stop people from growing their own almond trees, so this vital medical information has always been suppressed. Fortunately we Vikings know better.

[/argument tone]

Anyone who has not had a kringle has yet to live.


Almonds are the tears of wooden angels - and are delicious.

However marzipan is the congealed pus from a weeping sore on Beelzebub’s left armpit, and is wrong, just plain wrong

Sort of. Try a local candy store, like See’s or something. They should have single marzipan chocolates.

waits for burundi to find the thread.

Personally, I can take it or leave it: on the culinary-delights spectrum, it’s around rose-water for me, far below caramel or lemon curd or toasted hazelnuts buttered pecans or orange zest, but above licorice or raspberry jam. burundi, however, could eat it by the barrelful, and is probably drooling as she reads this.