All I/We want for Christmas is......

What with all the heavy thinking in the past couple of days [Presidential debates, debt reduction for Third World countries, what stocks to invest in with what online brokerage…], I decided that I needed to think about Christmas and my Christmas list. JC Penney’s has already sent out their Big Book [my kids pour over it for days circling stuff they want to find under the tree]. NeimanMarcus has presented their annual Big RED book…

I have found the perfect gift for SDMB dopesters. Check out the Phoenix 1000 at Now, wouldn’t that be a kick? We could have roaming Dopefests. We could drop in on ChiefScott. We could have end runs to Havana for some Cuban cigars. The possibilities are endless.

I am now recommending that we all add the Phoenix 1000 on our Christmas gimme list. To further insure that we will find such a marvelous gift under our tree, I am further recommending that we give Uncle Cecil a Captain’s hat and promises to name her the SS Unca Cecil if he doesn’t have any objections.

Just make sure if you visit ChiefScott that there are no smileys on the hull.

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