All that s#$* for nothing. See. (A follow-up to the ExBF pitting).

So I pitted the ExBF here and said I’d be back to explain how things went post-cruise…considering his pre-cruise outlook was so negative. Well…all his negative comments were for s#$*…he had a great time!! Of course. Though I guess we’re officially back to BF/GF…all things considered. Anyway…that’s a tangent…

So…I did not plan out our activities, I did not control any time on our vacation (like where and when we had to be anywhere on the ship or in port), and I let him dictate what we did the entire trip (although if he asked for my opinion, I would definitely tell him what I’d rather do, of the choices he gave…I wasn’t going to be a total bitch and say “NO, you plan everything since you said I was going to plan out the whole trip before even giving it a day away to see if you were at all correct in your negative assumptions.”) He didn’t ask for time away…he didn’t say he needed to be alone…we spent 11 days together in total and he says he had a great time. So great in fact, that he’s now considering our cruising again in September of this year. We spent a lot of our nites on the balcony of our cabin watching the stars, listening to the ocean, and having meaningful conversation. So much for us breaking up when we got back…he’s still talking about our getting married at some point. Oy!

Anyway, just wanted to share that things are all good for the moment. I hope there is no more drama - - but with a musician…and from past history, it’s likely - lol! Although I know better than to announce the drama in here again!! I’ll keep that to myself…but wanted to do as I said…post an update after the cruise. (I guess I pitted him originally because I was just in-the-heat-of-the-moment…I should know better!)

:slight_smile: Thank you all for your time - - and for your comments last time around.


So…basically he got exactly his way and thus, had a good time. Yup, sounds about right…

Back to being bf/gf, huh? And the cycle continues…

Don’t mean to sound snarky, but I’ve seen this exact relationship play out dozens of times, including with one of my own X’s (which was freakishly similar to the description you gave of yours in the last thread). It never turns out well.

Of course, no one was going to tell me that, so I hardly expect you to take any of the warnings in your last thread as well as the ones that will inevitably come up in this one to heart.

Just please, don’t ignore that inner voice when it starts telling you somethings not right.

“Snarky”…why Lezlers, I can’t imagine. lol! :wink:

I’d like to think that if you had more info than a 2-posts’-insight into the 6 years I’ve been with this guy, or any idea of who he is and who I am, you may have a different opinion of our relationship. That said however, I’m not sure you would then change your opinion for the simple fact that you’ve experienced similar scenarios in your life and therefore would choose your foredrawn negative conclusions (as those conclusive results may well be the majority and completely realistic). Not that I need your approval of my relationship - - I know I was the one posting my issues here in the first place for everyone to read and comment on - - I really am okay with hearing criticism…from strangers…really. lol!

I appreciate your posts and your time Lezlers. I will not ignore my inner voice, nor the very externally-audible voices of my friends.

Take care. :slight_smile: Yogini

Oh, no worries. I have no false illusions of you heeding advice. Love is blind, after all. :wink:

I wish you the best, sincerely.


Holy Jesus Fucking Shit.

Don’t any of you people watch ‘Felicity’?

We know how this will end…that’s why it’s called a cliche, dear.


You know what goes great with a thread like this? Links.