All you people who are praying for Andy Pettitte ...

Er, tie. It’s always impossible to do better than an undefeated season. I’m so used to records that can be broken. I guess a team that does it with more games could really get in Shula’s face.

He has a restaurant in Miami, BTW. I hear it’s very good.

Yes. Yes I do.

Or, perhaps, “Satan makes his troll”?
No, prolly not, that was lame.

But I do agree with MrSarcasticus and Laughing Lagomorph about Pettitte.

Jesus hates cheesy expansion teams. Congressional Task Force to Investigate NL Expansion my arse.

That reminds me of a old Chris Rock joke:

Terry Amstrong: Terry Armstrong would like to thank god for helping me win this fight tonight. Terry armstrong coudn’t have done it with out the help of the lord. Thank you god, we did it!

Annoceer: And now we go to the loser of tonights bout. Sir, what do you have to say for yourself?

Chris Rock: Well Up untill the third round I was handing him. THen all of a sudden god showed up and they started whopping my black ass. I mean I can beat Terry Armstrong, but Terry Armstrong and the lord will alway whoop on me. I have felt the power of god: and it hurts

He looks more like some Roman from 57 A.D. or something.

[sub]I’m sure the date is off by 10,000 years or something, fuck off![/sub] :smiley:

I would like to thank all of you who refrained from praying for Andy Pettitte. Together we have prevented yet another Yankee championship. Well done, everybody!

Pudge has a ring! And since this is the pit… 'bout fucking time!!! Woohoo! says the former Ranger fan.

Pudge Happy Dance! :smiley:

That Beckett kid pitched his ass off tonight. Kudoes to him and the fishies. Evil has been thwarted for another year.

Unfortunately, Jeffrey Loria is pretty evil himself. But at least it’s not the Yankees.