All you people who are praying for Andy Pettitte ...

… please stop. The Yankees have won enough goddam world serieses. :mad:

Og likes the Yankees better.

The only team that may be able to bring down the mighty Yankees is…the Brooklyn Dodgers. Yes, move back, yon ballers, and victory WILL be yours! (Sorry, NPR inspired me this morning.)

Fish in six. You heard it here first.

It was pretty ridiculous to see all the Yankee fans in the stands last nigh with their heads bowed, hands folded in the ninth inning, praying for the Yankees to win. It’s obvious that Yankees are controlled by Satan, not god.

Anyone else think he looks like a bitchy Eurotrash male model?

Well, I have noticed that Mike Mussina now looks like some sort of evil hunchbacked elf. Which wasn’t the case when he played for the Os. Obviously, Satan takes his toll.

Hehe, Yanks in 6!

To be honest I could care less if they win now, we beat Boston.

You can never be too rich . . .

or too thin . . .

or have too many World Series titles.

This was probably said in jest, but may I steal it to supplement my sig line?

Well, maybe not controlled – but when I was friends with Satan, he was an inveterate Yankees fan.

'Course if you Minnesotans would stop trying to enforce that stadium contract, we could get the Senators to move back – Fairfax County’d build them a stadium in a minute! – and then maybe we could do something about the situation! :wink:

Brought to you over the SDMB, where anything can have theological overtones

::: walks away humming, “You Gotta Have Heart” ::::


I just happened to hear Pettitte being interviewed immediately after the game, and heard him say that he knew that people all over the country were praying for him. So I thought, what the hell?? Does he have a tumor or something? Why would people be praying for Andy Pettitte of all people? I mean, he’s a star pitcher in the big leagues, playing in the world series - he’s on top of the fucking world. Why the hell would he need anybody to pray for him? Andy Pettitte is just about the last person anybody should pray for. He has it made, for chrissake. And so, a mini-pit-rant was born.

Sorry beagle,Fish in five…

Fish in five?

Pass the crack!

Well he’s right. I was praying for him to blow the game and for the Yanks to lose. Why weren’t my prayers answered?

How come the losing side never blames Jesus for not helping them win?

If I have this figured right, Pettitte is going to start the next game. So, I just want to remind everybody: don’t pray for him! Let him pitch without divine assistance for once.

We don’t pray for our pitchers in Florida. But, the chickens get nervous around game time.

Sorry, that might be an obscure South Florida joke.

Could it be…

…Fish in six?

Did I say that?

Anyway, should be a fun environment for the kids in game 6. :eek: NY fans are nothing if not fanatical, and I mean that in the best way. You(ze) guys actually show up for regular season games and everything.

Think about how lucky Miami is (as a city) in terms of sports. The Dolphins won the two Super Bowls, and have the only undefeated season. Which, if they add any more games, will be impossible to break if it isn’t already.

The Hurricanes (private school, crummy stadium) are always in it in college football. Have been for decades.

The Marlins buy some really good free agents and add them to a team just a few years out of expansion, win a World Series, dismantle that team, lose fan support, and are on the cusp of another World Series, maybe?

That’s lucky. Maybe it’s a conspiracy to keep baseball in Miami?

That Cubs fan looks really familiar now that I think about it… Just kidding. Please don’t kill him for reaching for a baseball.

Notice I did not mention the Heat.

If there is hockey maybe someone could explain the lines and why a good play is offsides? That goes triple for soccer. Yawn.