Almost every time I open Hell .....

Almost ever time I open AOHell, I get this pop-up and I can’t find anything wrong with my computer.

Happens to other folks with AOHell. I do not remember getting it while I was on dial-up. It has been happening a long time now.

Does anyone know?

Yeah, yeah, “Ok, you got me!!” to all the snark about AOHell. But any useful answers out there? They are not my ISP but I do use it (aol) for some things including an email addy, just curious about this pop-up…

I get that message when AOHell’s servers are busy.

Or, well, I used to.

Nowadays trying to bring up AOHell causes the Blue Screen of Death[sup]TM[/sup].

I’ve given up on it. I moved my email to the Comcast account I had (strangely, the aol pop servers will deliver mail even tho I can’t get aol to work). shrug

Hummm, that might be it… I’ll try to see if the next time, I am waiting on something to load…

I get it whenever I sign on and I use dial-up. I just ignore it. Sorry, no explanation why. I’ve given up on trying to find answers on why AOL software does this or that, switching to broadband soon and only keeping my AOL email address, not the software.