It is impossible for you to be the alpha Gene, as Gene Simmons is the alpha Gene, as well as the alpha human. Just ask him.;j :wally

Why do I get a page that says “website is busy or experiencing a broken server” then when I hit “refresh,” end up with a double post? :mad: …It will never happen again. Once bitten twice shy.

Yeah, and ColdFire should either be HotFire or ColdSomethingElse

Judging by the time you posted, you just hit the server down time. Happens about 1:30 am PST everyday, for a half hour or so. Plays hell with us night owls.

Think of those of us in different timezones :).

It’s down from ~ 7:30 - 8pm my time.

Queensland operates in an entirely different decade, not just a different time zone. For NSW & Victoria, it’s 8:30 - 9:00 pm.

Stupid Sydney and your stupid daylight savings… :wink:

9:30 - 10am here. Just when I’ve got myself settled at work and want to check out the latest dope…


dammit, I protest. I’ve got manny in the mod Pit thread race, and he’s closing in on Coldfire (even though I personally think he’s ahead since Coldy’s list includes a self pitting and a tribute or two but I digress); and these extraneous pittings of other mods detracts from the real issue: manny must win!

Heh. Mangetout posts this:

then about 3 hours later, Coldfire posts this:

in the duplicate OP, which Coldfire probably read first because it had been reported. As a duplicate.

Which, as you may or may not know, is a reference to BZ0000’s asinine Coldfire please change your name

Yeah, I think I knew that.


I should add, Mangetout, that I have no beef with either you or Coldfire.

Well, he sure got in some hot water with that thread, didn’t he?

I slay myself.