Alright, WHO'S Got My Remote?

Just letting you know I found some stuff behind the cushions while looking for that remote. Let’s see…

73 cents.

A Snapple cap.

Couple of cat toys.

A plastic comb.

Big wad of lint.

Polly Pocket toys.

Key chain (I was wondering where that went)

The head from a GI Joe.

Condom wrapper.
Yeah, just the usual stuff.

sorry, can’t help you with your search. i change the channels with a pair of pliers 'cause the knob broke three years ago.

you broke your knob three years ago? I always wondered why you needed a Y chromosome for a remote…

The remote is still missing, folks.

There is something vaguely disturbing about this.

Keep looking, okay? I can’t have my kids change the channel, because they’re too short. I can’t have my husband change the channel, because I don’t think he knows how to work the digital cable box. That leaves moi.

Sigh. BunnyGirl, let me know how that cavity search goes, okay? Right now, I’m beginning to think you might be on the right track.

Well, if we’re playing Psychic Friends Network… I see you carrying holding the remote while going to check on the kids. It’s … hmmm… on the dresser.

If I’m right, that’ll be $3.50 for the first two minutes.

Have you checked the refigerator?

You’d be amazed how many things end up in there!

Res ipsa loquitor.

Heh. Nowadays, that’s always the first place I look when I’ve lost something. I put everything in there; books, clothes, keys, everything. Sad.


I had Melinda hide it and now you’ll NEVER find it!!!


And Kricket wins the prize for finding my remote!

(well, not a prize, erally–just my eternal gratitude, and since it’s Kricket, I’ll probably light a candle in her honor :))

No, I didn’t actually throw it away. But this morning, as I was getting the trash ready to go out, I found it. Under the bag that contained the Christmas paper & boxes.

How I got there, I do not know. We had it after Christmas. But at least I have it now. Whew!

Bill–very funny. Mindy’s not that evil, even though she’s she’s got YOU for a dad. :smiley:

Just for the record, there is a reason why men get the remote all the time.

Women only want to know what’s on.

Men want to know what else is on.

You cna get a new remote for $10, so quit complaining.

Handy, you did read my post where I stated that I found it, didn’t you?

And you do realize that this is MPSIMS, and that asking for help in locating my remote is perfectly okay here?


Ah, you can get a new remote for cheaper than ten bucks.
Just move the couch about two feet in front of the TV and get yourself a stick about two feet long. Problem solved.

Wow, first prize for finding the remote, first prize for the first baby gift for BeagleDave!
Damn I’m on a roll here!
But hon, you still have your bags of christmas paper? Isn’t that what the Y is really for? :wink:

Kricket: In my neighborhood, trash pickup is on Fridays. But it was late this week, due to the holiday. And I’m not exactly a neat freak, so yeah, the bag with the Christmas paper was still in the living room.

Oh well. At least the bag with the turkey bones from the feast I cooked on Tuesday when my dad came to visit got put out early. :smiley:

Our pick-up got messed up because of the holiday also.
And my Y can never seem to get the trash out. I always tell him it’s because his second X has a missing leg and therefore he can’t help temporary brain lag!
Now I’m off to take out the trash.

“Handy, you did read my post where I stated that I found it, didn’t you?”

Yeah, but you can buy another one. Why not have two? See, when you have two of them, you never lose either one. It’s some weird law.

I bought my mother two of them because she would drive me nuts wanting me to come change the battery in it & if I wouldn’t do it right away she would ask me to come bring in the old 20" tv from the garage that has a working remote. sigh

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