Okay, which one of you jokers snuck in my house and stole my TV remote?

It’s well and truly gone. I have long since quit using the original remote from DirecTV. It rarely worked properly.
I went to Wally-world and found a nice medium priced universal remote. Got it working somehow. Now its awol.
I have looked everywhere. Even the fridge. Shook out blankets, dog beds, dirty clothing, clean clothing. The linen closet has been searched. I looked in the garage and the car. The deck, the pantry.
The cats are looking askance at me. I’ve looked in all their sleeping spots. I don’t know why. I’m getting desparate, I suppose.
I dug in my junk drawers and baskets til I found the original remote. As per common knowledge I removed the batteries from this remote upon abandoning it. Oh, good. I have triple As. You guessed it, I need double As.
I hate my life. :smack:

Check the mailbox.

I have to drive to the mail box. This is why I checked the car.

You mailed a picture of her remote holding up yesterday’s newspaper?

I mailed a list of my demands.

Did you check your left-hand pocket?

You didn’t specifically mention the couch. Under/between cushions. Under/ behind the couch. Maybe some critter batted it under the coffee table or TV? Fireplace mantle?

First thing I did.
I’ve expanded my grid.


No pockets, Burpo.

Ok, i had this happen one time when something went missing…there was a rip in the fabric underneath the cushions of the couch. Like just a teeny slit waaaay deep behind the cushions. Had to lift up the couch and cut open the bottom and out it dropped.

“It” in this example was drugs, not a remote.

The Beagle-on-a-diet grabbed it and is chewing on it somewhere.

Betsy-the-obese-Beagle is looking alittle satisfied with herself. Think I’ll give her a exploratory belly rub.

The bear might have nipped into your house and taken it. Check the surrounding area for a satellite dish in an unlikely spot.

Check your sock drawer. Count the number of socks and you’ll find an odd number. Find the missing sock and your remote will be in it.

Beck, Beck, Beck. Check the last place you’ll look for it; I’m positive you’ll find it there. You’re welcome!

Oh, no. I wrapped some gifts this afternoon. I gathered the scraps up in a Wal-Mart sack. I tossed it in the smoldering burn barrel.

And here I was blaming the cats for what one group I’m part of refers to as the Bastard Cat Trick (or BCT).

But if you took it out and had it working, doubtful you would have put it back in the bag?

I still go with the obese beagle theory. Piper Mutt loves chewing on anything that you hold in your hand, because the natural oils from your hand transfer to the object.

We may have the beginnings of a … well something, not sure what you’d call it… my primary tv remote is missing also, like you Beck I have a universal remote, but that’s back up as it’s universal only for basic tv functions.