Am I an asshole for rooting for the Yankees this post-season *because* they're evil?

Does taking a pool with friends over what time the Choking of the Cubs will occur make me a jerk? Does turning to the television every so often to check the score and see if they’re fouled up yet mean I’m an asshat? What about when I saw their three run lead disappear in the 8th? Or when I danced when the Marlins scored again, shouting “Cubbies suck, Cubbies suck!”?

Does that make me an insensitive bastard?

I’m not rooting for the Red Sox against the Yankees because they’re the underdog. Un-American?. I’m taking bets on which game the Red Sox will strangle themselves so that the Yankees will once again destroy their city, like they did that game in the eighties.

Why, you ask? Because I like to root for the bad guys for some reason. Worthless pile of scum?

Why should I care that the fuckin’ Cubbies do well in the series, just because I have an irrational hatred towards them? They don’t deserve to be in the series; they only won because my fuckin’ team fuckin choked. Am I a bitter assfuck?

I don’t even like Baseball that much. It’s a boring as hell game, quite frankly. The good part is the discussion of statistics afterwards. That’s why I will shed no tears when the Cubbies and Red Sox go home at the end of this season.

Once Boston dies (which it surely will) this will lead us to a Marlins-Yankees contest with only one logical conclusion. Would you call me a fuckwit for seeing this coming a mile away? Some of you would.

The Yankees are evil, and that is why, in the absence of my team, I will cheer for them. Joe Torre is Darth Vader, and Steinbrenner is Palpatine. Just say it: I’m an ass clown.

Maybe the t-shirt I made didn’t help. I’m fuckingly similar to the manner of shit a dog won’t touch. But I don’t care because there’s nothing you can do about.

The rebel scum will be annihilated; prepare to be assimilated into the Empire.
The Evil Empire strikes again!

You know, stuff like this can be treated quite effectively with medication these days.

I hate baseball. That’s why I always root for the Yankees.

I always root for the Yankees because the free-market philosophy has no place in sports. The greed of the players will ruin the game, and until the Yankees win 10 in a row, nothing will stop it.

Look at the parity of the NFL to see how a professional league should be run. The team with the largest payroll should never out-spend the next largest payroll by over double. It’s a disgrace.

The player’s union should be ashamed of themselves.

Yes. Yes, it does.

And which team does this? The New York Yankees payroll (before luxury tax considerations) is $152 million. The next highest is the New York Mets with $117 million. Then the Atlanta Braves at $106 million. Then the LA Dodgers at $105 million.

In order to get to a team with half the payroll of the Yankees you have to go to somewhere between the Anaheim Angels and Baltimore Orioles, which are ranked 12th and 13th, respectively.

Of course, if baseball wanted to be as diverse in their winners as football, they could just admit more teams into the playoffs with a single elimination game. Oh, and play only 16 games. Oh, and making it nearly impossible to keep a team together after winning the championship.

In a single elimination playoff, neither the Yankees nor the Red Sox would still be standing right now.

And of course, it ignores the fact that since 1967 (the first Super Bowl), 18 different teams have won the Super Bowl and 17 different teams have won the World Series, keeping in mind that baseball has played two less World Series than Super Bowls right now (since the 2003 World Series has not yet been held, and the strike in 1994). And since 1980 (randomly chosen since that’s when I was born), there have been 16 different World Series winners compared to 15 Super Bowl winners. Again, keeping in mind that there have been two fewer World Series.

Baseball has been pretty much even with the NFL in terms of diversity of winners. The only real difference has been in the last 5 years or so.

Nope the Yankees are winners, and the Red Sox are losers.

You wan’t to be a winner don’t you?

Ellis Dee , my response to your point on team payrolls didn’t make it apparently, but Neurotik basically said what I (would have) said. Anyway, if you want to see the numbers he/she (sorry, I’m pretty new here) cites, you can hit up this site

You’re an asshat. But then again, so am I, so at least you are in decent company; myself excluded.

No, you’re not as asshole–just a bandwagon jumper. I doubt you cared one whit about the Yankees during the years between 1981 and 1995 when they didn’t win anything. In any case, traditional rivalries aside, I think the reason why most baseball fans outside the environs of New York hate the Yankees is for the same reason why people used to hate the Bill Russell and Larry Bird-era Boston Celtics, the old Maurice Richard-era Monreal Canadians, and the Dallas Cowboy teams of the 70’s and mid-90’s: they got freakin’ sick of seeing them win in the post-season year after year.