Am I being stalked?

I met a lady and her sister online. They seem to be “normal” housewives and nice people to visit with, but I can not get rid of them.

I’ve enjoyed the friendship, but I think it has run it’s course. I am just not into emailing each other every day like it had become. I was being bombarded with email. I finally made up my mind to get out of the situation. I had already explained more than twice that I was trying to cut back on computer time, etc. They either ignored my hint or didn’t take the hint. I continue to get email from them wondering if I’m getting their mail. I hate to block their names because that seems rude. What are your suggestions?

Seems more like IMHO, but…

I have had some people do this to me from time to time. I just delete their stuff.

You have been specific about your wishes, right? If not, then tell them straight up you aren’t as into this stuff as they are and to please stop. Then start deleting their future mails.

But, that’s just me…

Yup, IMHO…

It may seem rude to block their names, but sometimes that’s the best way for you to keep your sanity. I felt bad too the first couple of times I put people on my ignore list, but some people will just never get the hint even if it’s as broad as the side of a barn.

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DrMatrix - GQ Moderator

What I’ve done with people like that is just ignore their emails - don’t reply for a week or two. Then when you do reply, say you’ve been busy and your sorry that you don’t have time to reply to each and every one of their emails. Sometimes they get the hint. Even if they don’t get the hint, it kinda lets you off the hook as far as replying to daily emails.