Am I deluded for thinking Trump will not even seek re-election?

I’m wondering if the Donald will even try to seek another term as POTUS. IMHO, he accomplished everything he wanted the second Hilary Clinton conceded the election. Everything else is just angering the blues, making more business contacts, traveling the world with heavily armed security on the taxpayer’s dime and being a constant fixture on every possible headline, magazine and blog. I really suspect he would rather not seek out a new term by bowing out rather than face another election he may not win.

I’d like to believe that if a halfway sane and publicly acceptable primate showed up to challenge Trump for the Republican nomination then the party leadership would quietly encourage the POTUS to step down - or, maybe, not quietly. I wouldn’t mind seeing a huge public meltdown within the party structure. Note that I have no clue who this alternate Republican candidate might be. I can’t think of any I’d trust.

Maybe it’s just wishful thinking. Maybe I’m delusional, I don’t know. What are the odds Trump won’t even try to get another term?

He does have a campaign manager for the 2020 election.

For an election that is still years away. The fact that Trump says he’s going to do something is essentially meaningless to me.

I don’t claim to know what will happen. This may just be wishful thinking on my part.

He’s not going to go quietly into that good night, or anywhere else.

I think this is exactly right. The only way he can avoid prosecution for his many criminal acts is to stay out of reach of law enforcement – which means occupying the Oval Office. You bet he’ll run.

Well, one way or the other, he’ll run. The only alternative would be for him to somehow slip away to a non-extradition treaty country. You know; maybe Russia.

"We are the party of Donald J. Trump.

Remember, Trump outlasted 16 challengers in the 2016 primaries, ranging from sane and (by Republican standards) moderate to conservative but sane, to crazy-but-not-as-flamboyant-as-Trump.

And all I can do is hope that things might be better next time. Am I wrong for hoping?

No, you are not wrong. Let’s change this, however,

You can do more than hope that things will be better next time. Join the political process. It all matters, from the local to the state to the federal levels. If nothing else, vote, but there’s a lot more worth your time and attention if you want to do more than hope.

I do vote and donate time and money. I’ve even been known to pass around a petition or two. It just seems so futile.

Trump loved the shit out of campaigning, that was the last time he actually had fun. There is no chance he passes that up.

I partly agree with this. An added factor is that Trump is at an age where serious medical problems may appear suddenly, hastening his withdrawal.

HOWEVER, the Presidency is causing Trump problems he didn’t have before. In 2015 he was just a dotard narcissist whose frauds were amusing and grist for battalions of lawyers. But now he faces ridicule from world leaders and all commentators outside his precious Fox. He faces indictments and civil suits. He needs the Presidency to shield him from all this. Now his only hope to avoid dying as a laughing-stock, or an indicted laughing-stock, is to die in the White House.

Scott Adams predicted Trump may just run for one term so you are in good company. I’m not sure if Adams still believes it though. If Trump does run for one term it will be health, Russia or fatigue related; it will not be because the Republicans suddenly rise up against him, or that he feels he cannot win.

Good gravy, why would anyone trust the Republicans after this? Do you think the party would have a crisis of conscience and decide to not be corrupt venal bible-spouting racist anti-science bigots next time around?

No! You are so very wrong. Trump is fighting fit and the ultimate prime healthy man male. If he doesn’t seek re-election it will be because of family (personal) reasons.

Of course he’ll seek re-election. He wants to be President for life.

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I think he will not. He’s been there, he’s done that. He can go on tour and pick up megabucks.

Indeed, I think it’s quite likely that he will be persuaded to stand down before his 4 years are up to give Pence the chance of 10 years in the White House. The pay-off will likely be a Presidential pardon.

I think after a point, he wants to stay president because the pardon powers and immunity from prosecution are going to be necessary to keep himself out of power.

Then again, he can just appoint Pence and Pence can blanket pardon everyone ‘for the good of the country’. And we are back where we started with Nixon. Ever since Nixon presidents have gotten away with a lot of crimes (technically so did LBJ). But still.

Bush sr pardoned tons of people involved in Iran Contra. Obama refused to investigate torture because that would bring down people in the Bush & Clinton administration. Obama refused to prosecute bank fraud and he engaged in mass criminal spying.

The pattern has been set the president is above the law.

Trump’s already “joking” about how he won’t leave office after two terms. There’s no way he won’t run again if he’s able.

Keep in mind that Trump is at the top of the list of people who believe his lies. He really believes that all the negatives are fake news. He believes that he won the popular vote in 2016, that his popular support has grown, and that he’s the best President America’s ever had. He probably expects to sweep all fifty states in 2020.

Plus he’s making a fortune being President.

The Clinton administration? Are you saying there were government torture programs before 9/11?

How is he out of reach of law enforcement? He sure is on the hot seat for someone so removed.

The only way he will avoid prison is to resign the oval office.