Am I supposed to present myself

in a formal introduction thread?

I am 40-something (but happily look only 30-something), single, currently a BBW, but working my way down to zaftig, and eventually to svelt.
I own a cat (or more correctly, she owns me), and we live in a nice house in a nice neighborhood on Lawn Guylandt

I am unique in that I have been employed by the same company for 24 years, and have never moved up off the bottom rung. I’m happy here. I earn enough to pay the bills, save a little, and play a little. Who needs the headaches of middle management (now, if I could jump right to senior management…)

I studied acting in college, but never really persued it (I could blame it on a family crisis that derailed me, but in truth, I’m just a big chicken) I’ve done some community theatre, but since 1999, my outlet has been singing with a Sweet Adelines chorus.

Of late, I’ve developed talents as a photographer and graphic designer (did you know you can create original art with Photoshop™?)

I spend waaaaaaaaaay too much time hanging out here in the SDMBs. I just love trivia games. (aside to jrfranchi: I say to you what I say to my cousin every time she bursts into giggle fits: I’m so glad to be a source of amusement to my friends and family :D:D) All I can say is I’m glad my cubby is in the far corner from my supervisor’s office…:eek:

I don’t want to make this a long OP, so I’ll open the “floor” to questions.

“at the end of the universe, all the will be left are 10,000,000,000 cockroaches, Keith Richards, and some maraschino cherries my sister buried in the backyard in 1968” - anyrose

Hullo anyrose. Be welcome. Enjoy your stay. :slight_smile:

and oh i am - i really really am

I think there’s a statute of limitations – after a year and a half, or 1,000 posts, you’re no longer really a newbie.

If you think that puts you on the “right” side of the goat, though, you’ve got another think coming… :smiley:

Who’s gonna wake up the squid? I’ve got the handcuffs and the Astro-glide.

Welcome to the SDMB, anyrose. Now just relax…


I never did an intro thread - do you think I should?

Nah, if we’re going in reverse order of joining, I think I come first.


Hi, anyrose! I never did an intro thread either. That doesn’t mean I’ll share your initiation - I’m allergic to squid. Would you like a margarita?

as long as it’s not frozen, yes please
it’ll probably make the whole “squid experience” go more smoothly

Hello, anyrose, welcome to the boards! smooch

Now, if you’ll just come stand over here on this red marker and put on this hairnet…

over here on this big red X?
Just how gullible do you think I am? I’m going to stand over *here * on these concentric red circles instead!

No, please, don’t! I–

watches as the trapdoor opens

–whew, I thought she’d never make it over there in the end. Cosmopolitan, anyone?

:hollering up from deep well:

hello? I’m not dead, but I am hurt very badly.
I’m going to try to stand up…YEEAAGH…apparently I’ve broken my right leg
I’m going to put the weight on my lef…YEEEOOOW! it seems both my legs are broken
Would someone be kind enough to throw down some crutches?

…hey! Guys, who moved the Squck tank? The goddess is not amused! :mad:

I’d say “hi”, but I feel like we already now each other. Especially the with all the names you’ve called me.


:smiley: your name just lends itself so well to those nicknames

Hiya, anyrose. Care for a butterscotch oatmeal cookie?

I’ll respond with a hearty Hello and Welcome as long as I don’t need to pose it as a question.
Thanks again for some really painful laughs.
[RIGHT]Besides were practically neighbors, both being in the huge gravity well known as NYC.[/RIGHT]