Am I The Only One Frozen Solid Right Now?

So, looking outside my door there is about 20 inches (last time I measured) of snow covering my house that wasn’t there yesterday.

Fortunately we have the x-mas decorations up, a fire going, and some bean chili cooking in a crock pot right now that smells great, so it really doesn’t seem to be a pressing matter at the moment.

Not all is well however,we lost power for what seemed like an eternity a few hours ago, and I scored 24 points by spelling SNOW in a game of scrabble against my sister. Coincidence? I think not.

Any other dopers pleasantly trapped inside a solid cube of ice on the east coast right now?

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I hardly gotten out of bed all day. I refuse to turn on my heat (gas is too expensive, my windows too incredibly drafty) so I’m laid up next to my heating fan in my PJs and my cats. The zone of warmth I’ve built up is nice, but it’s so small that I’m a prisoner to my bed! That goodness I’ve got my laptop and books to keep my occupied.

I’m grateful I have electricity, and I’m sorry that you do not.

I am feeling both lazy and sorry for myself. I will have a ton of snow to shovel tomorrow and in the past two years I have found that I detest the cold more and more. (I guess I’m getting old.) Oh well, this too shall pass.

I live down in NC and didn’t get much in the way of snow, but one of our HVAC units is out, so I definitely have the frozen solid thing going. I am starting to worry that the HVAC tech will not be making it today. Perhaps I should head to the bathroom with a big book to hasten his arrival.

We’re pretty much snowed in, which is fine by me. I needed a lazy weekend, and the snow has helped cancel the two parties I was supposed to go to today, leaving me free to lounge around in my jammies after sleeping past noon. I’m doing the laundry and wrapping presents, which I would have been doing this weekend anyway. I wish we had a tree up, though. We’ve been so busy and planned to buy the tree today and decorate it this weekend… but the roads are horrible and I doubt the tree spots are even open today. Sigh. Doesn’t quite feel Christmassy enough without the tree. I did put up a few lights in the front window, so that helps. I’m thinking this may be a good night for hot chocolate and Christmas specials on DVD. We’d like to do pizza but I doubt anyplace around here will be willing to deliver in this weather.

I’m also making cookies. Oatmeal/chocolate chip/craisin cookies to start with, then on to almond shortbreads. I was going to make the soft ginger cookies, too, but I don’t have any molasses. Boo!

The snow’s pretty, though. Reminds me of home. Except that here, my neighbour out shovelling is cursing the snow in English.

It hasn’t started snowing up here yet. I don’t know when it’s going to start. I’m a little bit chilly at the moment but that’s probably because I just pulled my lazy self out of bed and because I’m only wearing a knee length satin robe (it was the fastest thing to put on when the phone was ringing).

I can’t wait for the snow to start. I love watching snow fall. I have plenty of wood for the fireplace and a neighbor we pay to plow us out ($20 per storm - so worth it). I also don’t have to go anywhere this weekend so I have no reason to not look forward to it.

You know, yeast and pepperoni freeze nicely, and if you keep a jar of spaghetti sauce, flour and mozzarella cheese on hand, you can make your own pizza, any generic bread recipe will work for pizza dough … :smiley:

The snow hasn’t reached here yet. It was lightly dusting earlier but that’s gone now. I’ve had the windows open & fans going all day because the heat is on here and is sweltering inside. It was around 85 degrees inside when I got to work earlier.

I’m sort of envious, because I live in Florida and there’s almost never an excuse to have a lazy weather-related stay-in day. But it’s cold–er, “cold”–here right now: 54 degrees F. Tomorrow the high will be only 59, which is completely freakish in these parts. I’m going to an outside party tomorrow night, and you can bet everyone will be bundled up in coats and boots and so on.

5 degrees last night, but not a trace of snow. I went to the mall yesterday to avoid The Big Push today and it took 20 minutes to just get out of the parking lot and I nearly froze solid (not much heat in the car). I’m hoping there will be no snow until January because we have to drive to relatives’ houses. The snowblower is gassed up and has been moved to its battle station in the garage. As long as I don’t have to drive in crappy weather, I say bring it on…

I’m on the East Coast (south Georgia, 3/4 of a mile from the ocean). It was 70 degrees and sunny today. I even went for a walk on the beach looking like this: :cool:

Sucks to be me.

There is another thread on this storm already, as the OP noted, so I’m going to lock this one.