It's snowing!


Manchester, NH and not even November, and it is snowing. Course, it’s those huge flakes that amount to nothing, but still :mad:

And what’s with all the Christmas stuff in the mall yesterday?

I feel like autumn snuck out the back door while I was in the kitchen getting some apple pie.

Winter, you better play nice this year, or so help ya!

In Northern PA I had to scrape off ice on my car windows this morning.

I had to turn the heat on last night! It, uh, it was 65 in the house and I couldn’t handle it anymore. Rumor has it it may be 40 tonight, which is butt-ass cold for South Carolina before Halloween.

We got about four inches of snow back around the 8th. And we’ve had a few nights in the teens. I had to turn my heat on while it was like that, but the last couple of days it’s been about 60 during the day and hasn’t dropped below freezing so I haven’t had the heat on, really.

This is at 5800 feet in the mountains, though. Even in the summer it gets into the 40s at night a lot.

Anyway, enipla wins the first Doper snow this year. He got hit in September. :slight_smile:

It’s snowing here too, Coastal Maine, looks like winter’s coming early here :slight_smile:

time to put the snow tires on tomorrow

That’s fitting, in a backwards kind of way.

It was 83° in Denver today. Eight days ago we had a high of 26° and a low of 17°

No snow on the ground yet, though we had a nice hard frost up here in Palmer, AK.

It’s tire changeover time! :smiley:

We had flurries in Raleigh, N. C. today.

That it is, Atomic Mama. Next paycheck!

Meh. We’ll see temps in the 70s within 2 weeks. I promise.

Doesn’t make up for the fact that yesterday I got hit in the head with a snowflake and it nearly knocked me out.

No snow in the Toronto region yet, but recent temperatures got cold enough at night for it to do so. Bit of a warming trend this week, so I’m hoping the white crap will hold off at least another few weeks before I have to deal with it again.

In Canada we start our Christmas season early (our Thanksgiving is already passed, and our only other event day is Halloween; after that it’s a clear calendar to Christmas), so we typically see Christmas lights coming on around the beginning of November, but they’ve started early this year; I’ve already counted close to a dozen people lighting up their windows within the last week.

Are you mixing temperature scales here? Wow! I take it this is all farenheit?

What?? Where?

All farenheit. It is 75° today with an 80% chance of snow tomorrow night. It is like that in Colorado.

At the RBC Center.