Amazing Race 33

It’s back!

Oh. My. God. How did they find do so many ignorant people? Don’t know what a bobby is? Or what Big Ben looks like?

My daughter commented that at least two of the groups thought they were meeting the actual Queen.

It was an enjoyable episode though. Interesting that in this case the Dirty Harry task was the correct pick over the slow & steady task putting up posters task - though the puzzle aspect certainly made it more difficult.

I was scrambling to try to remember exactly when the UK left the EU - I knew Brexit was at least in progress when they filmed, so I’m glad the judge mentioned it. Were Germany and France the only EU flags actually in the examples?

I can see why people wouldn’t know what a Bobby was, it’s not like it’s that common unless one watches older British shows or reads older British books. I can’t even remember the last time I heard someone call a cop a Bobby in a modern British show.

I was trying to figure out if they were playing along or if they really thought a random US game show could get the queen and PM for silliness. That sure was weird though.

Also, I sort of know why, but seriously, if you are lost… ask someone! They were literally in England, the land of English speaking people.

Man, some of those moments were cringe-worthy!

I at least know what a bobby is, and who Boris Johnson is, but why was the fake Boris wearing a motorcycle helmet?

It seems like the judges are more helpful this season – for instance, I expected the cake judge to just reject both cakes with no comment. Instead, he told them that the UK was not in the EU.

The sign on the bakery door said “Mange”, which being the French word for “eat” makes sense. Except that the English pronunciation – may-nj – is the skin disease, which is decidedly unappetizing.

OMG, that mail roadblock where the two guys found the clue – then kept looking for another half hour? That was hilarious! Especially after being told “You found an envelope that looks like this? Then you’re good!” Nah, can’t be that easy… :joy:

I agree - usually judges are just thumbs or down on a “recreate this example” type of challenge. He told them which cake was wrong, and gave them advice on what they had to redo on a correct cake. Maybe the producers decided viewers are getting tired of watching the camera focus in (with sound effect) on the one wrong thing in the racer’s job.

Funniest moment: Interviewing the “old” couple, and her saying “We don’t feel old” and then cutting right to the guy face-planting on the sidewalk.


I think France and Germany were the only two EU flags there, but also, the two most basic flags to recreate. If I wasn’t sure who was in the EU, I would have chose those two for their simplicity.

So . . . and interesting restart to the race. When they finished in Scotland, there were 9 teams left. When they resumed 19 months later (the next episode will be the start of the resumed race), there were only 5 teams left + the 2 teams that were previously eliminated. Apparently the four teams that could not continue were:

  1. Anthony & Spencer - apparently there were some health issues with Spencer
  2. Connie & Sam - Sam got pregnant & had another child in the time off
  3. Caro & Ray - dating couple that apparently broke up (there were signs in eps 1 & 2)
  4. Taylor & Isaiah - no idea what happened

So 7 teams remain, and I’m guessing there will be no non-elimination legs as they probably want to just get this thing over with.

The other thing is that the race was delayed from Feb 2020 - Sept 2021, so they basically blew through the remainder of the race and, with editing, committed to airing episodes in Q1 2022. Pretty impressive turnaround time.

I’m shocked. Shocked. :wink: Yeah, I’m sure they broke up the minute the cameras turned off.

OMG! I had no idea it was back.

Binge time (not reading anything here)…

Not doubting you, but how do you know this?

Plus, it feels like you should have spoiler-boxed this news.

We watched the restart scene a few times to gather information:

  • 5 teams walk in, which caught my husband’s eye because that isn’t a whole lot of people (when they finish in Scotland there are 9 teams remaining).
  • Aerial shot of them standing facing Phil, clearly shows 7 teams.
  • Freeze frame and you can sort of kind of figure out who is who, but telling details are:
  • there is clearly a Red team. In the Scotland Episode: Pink team clearly states that the red team just arrived, so they know they aren’t last. The red team is the team eliminated.
  • There is clearly a team with one tall racer and one short racer. This team was eliminated in the first episode.

Oh, okay. I just watch the once as it airs, and have pretty crappy eyesight, so no way I’d picked up on that. I wonder if the five ‘still in it’ race teams were peeved about the two returned teams? Why should they have to beat them again?

Shame about Anthony and Spencer, they were the team I’d picked to win in my groups betting contest. :frowning:

You mean that a couple brought together by Love Island were not a true love match?! My world is shaken to its very foundations!

We watched the restart scene a few times to gather information:

Yeah, that’s exactly what we did. We watched it on Paramount+, which allowed us to pause the scene where the two new teams were introduced (a camera shot from high above). We counted 7 teams, the last 2 teams were clearly the father-daughter duo (you could see the father’s bald head) & the singing police officers from Buffalo (an obvious difference in height).

So I went online to research what happened with the other 4 teams, but could only find info on 3 of 4 teams.

My apologies if I disclosed info or spoiled it for anyone.

The show I saw put up short clips of each non-returning team while Phil talked about how not all the teams could return. Made it pretty easy to figure out.

Yeah, we were rolling our eyes at not knowing they were looking for a policeman. (“I told you Bobby was a person!”)

Fake Boris was wearing a bike helmet because real Boris is (was?) known for riding his bicycle to meetings, press conferences, etc.

Dating couple met on Love Island? I’m delighted to know that (and not surprised to find out they broke up).