Amazing Race 7/27-a Kilo Of Caviar!

Whoopee! My team is in first place, thanks to the amazing ability to snarf a kilo of caviar without blinking! Way to go, Team!
Funniest image of the entire race: Charla in her hockey suit! Classic!
Tackiest image of tonight’s episode: Mirna calling one of her competitors a “criminal!” Bad form, Mirna, sweetie! Now do you understand why the other players can’t stand you?
Most interesting situation in tonight’s episode: the two skinny girls trying to choke down the kilo. Wonder what time it was that they were trying to do that? After 20 hours on a bus and however many hours on planes to get from South America to Russia, I don’t know if I could have looked that much fish eggs in the eye!
Too bad about the last team in. They were a gutsy duo.

Funniest was the last team having to eat the caviar even though they had lost.

A couplea thoughts:

  1. The brothers were much less loathesome today. Not only did they show class (and serious smarts) by letting that other team get the first leg (proving to the other teams that they can play well with others) they also, if you listened closely, warned Chip and whatshername to be careful on the icy gangplank of the battleship. They lose points for the “Mirna and Smirna” repeated crack. It’s annoying. Overall a good leg for them

  2. Colin and Christie showed how a team should operate. Good for them. I’m rooting for them.

  3. Ditto with Chip and whasshername.

  4. On team Blue Lagoon, she’s not too bad, he’s a complete dickhead. #1) “Baby”? She’s a grown woman. An occasional term of endearment, fine, but does he even know her first name. (Also, ignoring her advice again cost them precious minutes (suiting up, unsuiting, etc)
    #2) Another backstab. These guys are out to make enemies. Tsk.
    #3) God told you he doesn’t want you to drink a shot of vodka? Um. Ok.
    #4) Praying to God NOT for strength, but to cheat on your behalf is pretty damn close to either idolatry or taking His name in vain. Either way, it’s tacky and I hope he smites you mightily. These two (actually just him) have dropped to my least favs.

#4) Given that the twins aren’t throwing the same kind of hissyfit about the Bowling Moms being in competition with them that they threw with Chip, I gotta wonder if more happened that we didn’t see.

#5) Um…I’ve seen caviar. It’s black. Sometimes it’s a deep slate grey. It shouldn’t be greenish-grey (look at the up-shot of Pizza Guy eating it) Eeew. I don’t blame them for getting sick.

#6) Knock it off with the phoney editing guys. You’re not fooling anyone. We ALL knew that team Internet Romance was doomed, so why even bother?

#7) They’re going to Egypt next episode? SLOW THE HELL DOWN! I watch this in large part for the scenery. They’re going too fast and I wanna see more of Russia, dammit. As a side-effect of the frantic globe-hopping, it’s putting WAY to much emphasis on their airport skillz. Note that the last two teams to be eliminated were eliminated exclusively due to airport problems. There’s way too much weith being put on their airport skillz this season.


AAk–I didn’t mean to quote the entire OP. Sorry 'bout that!

(And I agree. The “Criminal” thing just makes Mirna look dumber than she already does. Which is saying a lot.)

I was willing to forgive Mirna for some apparent earlier transgressions; maybe we didn’t see the whole story due to misleading editing. But simply butting in during the middle of a conversation was beyond rude. She didn’t even have the courtesy to let the helpful man finish his sentence. I can now see why the other teams hate her so much. (That still doesn’t excuse the Kevin and Drew wannabes for yelling “bitch!” Simply no class at all.)

I’ve had caviar before. I like caviar and roe in small doses on crackers or toast or as a garnish. But eating a whole frelling kilo of it was just nasty.

I am really not surprised that those half those idiots were whiny-melodramatic morons. Gee I’m gonna cry and bitch and look for pity rather than sucking it up with the caviar and doing what it takes when 1,000,000 dollars are on the line. Reminds me of half the high maintenence chicks I meet all over the place.

Chip and Kim and the moms clearly in first place in my preference.

I seem to have forgotten half my sentence there. But I hope those teams do well. :slight_smile:

So much of this race hinges on good airport maneuvers. I have little sympathy for the teams who, with hours to spare, buy tickets on the first flight they happen to learn about. The nasty Pizza Bros. seem to understand this. A prerequisite for joining the race would seem to be some degree of travel know-how, at any rate.

Mr. Blue Lagoon refusing to drink one shot of vodka to set an example was just silly. A much better example would be keeping his word and not assuming he knows better than his partner because he has a penis. I’m well and truly sick of him.

I wonder what the vomiting rules were, with the caviar? I would have taken this challenge for the team, because I have a weird ability to “turn off” my taste receptors and eat anything nasty. But 1 kilo is HUGE – your stomach’s reaction has nothing to do with your sense of taste. Which is why the twins were so smart to eat some toast beforehand … not.

Annnnnnnnnnnd… we got some more “Come on, Charla, HURRY!” I bet that makes Charla run just a little bit faster. Except again, not. I’m torn about that team; I want them to lose because they deserve to (or at least Mirna does) but they do make great television. For this reason I was sorry to see the loathsome Alison go, and much as I hate them, will be sorry to see the Pizza Brothers go.

The bunching issues are driving me nuts. What’s the point of being at the head of the pack if everybody always catches up to you before your flight leaves?

Mirna and the “criminal” … hey, maybe she knows something we don’t! I’d be shocked to discover Colin DIDN’T have bodies in the crawlspace of his house. If he’s not a criminal he ought to be … he’s got the Manson-lamps for it.

WHERE’S THE FREAKIN’ YIELD!!??!!?? Did we all hallucinate it in the first episode?

My favorite part of the entire race so far was Chip wolfing down that bowl of caviar like it was a bag of Nacho Cheese Doritos. Yo go, girl! (Erm…you know what I mean.) I wonder if any of our medical Dopers know the physiological consequences of eating that much salty sludge at once? Nicole looked like she needed medical attention. :eek:

Once again, the ending was anti-climactic with Bob & Joyce falling so far behind in the airport race, although I really did think one of the girls was going to fail on the Roadblock and forfeit the race.

And unlike Fenris, I’m really enjoying the super fast globe-crossing. I’ve heard this race covered over 75,000 miles (!!!) so we’re bound to see a lot more airports in future episodes!

My husband and I were wondering that, too, since a few of the contesteants seemed to be shaking. I had to wonder, though, if Nicole wasn’t holding out hope for some sort of special dispensation—like, well, you tried but clearly you’re allergic or something, so just keep going. She did rally pretty quickly in the end.

Luckily it was planned that they didn’t have anything else to do after the Great Caviar Feast. It was both sad and funny to see these teams getting to the pitstop, one member fine and the other looking like death.

My favorite part was Mirna and Charla getting to the pitstop and Phil saying, “You’re going to hug me again? OK…”

IIRC, last show (or the one prior) there was a challenge where they had to eat a bowl of live baby octopii (or squid. Apparently some Asian delicacy. Ew.) Anyway, someone looked up the rules and said that if you barfed before you won and were handed the next clue, you had to start again.

I understand their reasoning: it’s not an interesting race if one or two teams are three or four days ahead. Some bunching is necessary for the show to work. But (IMO) they’re going waaaay overboard this time 'round.

That pissed me off - she was being a bitch last night. They were the only ones in the bus station; she could have waited till he was done talking to the other team. To just interrupt like that was unbeliveably rude.

I also kept remembering last time with the live squid. The gay couple (can’t remember their names) kept saying the suckers were sticking to their teeth and tongues. YUCK! I was gagging just watching that.
The caviar didn’t seem too bad, but a whole kilo? How much did Phil say it was, about 2 pounds? That’s a lot of food to get down, no matter what it is.
I thought the one twin was trying to eat it “properly” on toast points, but that would have filled her up too quickly.
I was also positive one of those girls (Nicole or the other one) was going to forfeit at that point.

I’ve got to agree, watching Chip waltz in, scarf down the caviar, and waltz out again was absolutely a highlight.

Also Mirna in the hockey suit. Funny stuff.

As everyone does, I play along mentally on the either/or stuff – and on this one, there was a big problem for me. Since I’m a recovering alcoholic, I wouldn’t be able to do the vodka challenge. Would the producers not have chosen that if there were any recovering people playing? Or allowed me to do a shot of water, to prove I could do the balance thing? (Did any of the teams who did that not do it on the first try, BTW?) Or was there something about downing the shot in one go that was part of the challenge?

What I found interesting was that both pretty dating couples had the woman do the caviar – WTF? Colin lost major points with me for just refusing to do it. (And he and Christie are the team I have money on, so I’m definitely rooting for them.)

Sorry, that wasn’t clear – “downing the shot in one go” – downing a couple of ounces of high-octane booze, as opposed to just doing liquid of any sort.

I have to wonder if I missed something here. My fiance also thought that she was insanely rude, and for some reason it just doesn’t strike me as so awful at all. If I were in a place of business, say a grocery store or something, and I was wondering, say, about the price of tomatoes, and I overheard another customer asking an employee the exact thing I wanted to know, I really think I might just join that conversation rather than waiting til the customer was done and making the employee go through the whole thing again. And I’ll admit I might not even just be a passive listener, which my fiance conceded wouldn’t have been as rude of her. If the employee said “They’re $2.99”, I might say “Is that per bag or per pound?” and not feel that I was interrupting. It’s not like they were having a heart-to-heart or anything, it was just the imparting of information, and why not be efficient and do it all just once?

The other thing I wondered about was that vodka. I’ve done more than my fair share of straight vodka shots, and both for myself and most anyone else I’ve ever seen do one, there’s usually some kind of reaction immediately afterwards, and with every last one of these people, nothing. And they were practically sipping it, certainly not chugging it straight down.

I am now posatively rooting for Colin and Christie. Sorry to see Bob and Joyce go. Especially Joyce. She seemed to have exactly the right attitude and that was great to watch.

Lots of talk about God Boy, and yes, he is annoying (though I loved that shot of the Nuns). However, I’d like to devote a special icepick to the brain to Mirna for her special brand of religious fervor. Yes, you have God and yourselves so you don’t need anyone else. I guess that excuses you total rudeness.

It’s official. I love Phil. And Charla’s “I feel SOOOOOO protected!” - I wish I could make it the official sound of my computer’s virus scan. :smiley:

And skinny chicks moaning about how hard it was to eat. It’s a million dollars and although it’s nasty to eat a 2.2 pounds of caviar, at least it’s not wiggling.

I have to admit, I don’t think I could have eaten the caviar. I would have tried like hell, but I may have ended up looking like Nicole. I’ll still say mean things about her, though, because hey … she’s on TV and I’m not. :wink:

The “Staying Sober for God” thing drove me absolutely nuts. God wants you to drink a shot, Brandon, it might loosen you up a little bit.

Did anyone else hear the moms say something like “We beat the twins in an eating contest, who woulda guessed it?” That had me rolling.

I see Elret’s point about jumping into a conversation if it’s something you also want to know … but Mirna wasn’t even listening to the conversation Colin was having with the guy. It appeared she just walked right up and started mangling the Spanish language without so much as a “hello.” What’s more, there was no one else there yet! She couldn’t wait four seconds, knowing how far behind her the other teams were?

And Chip, sucking that caviar back like he was eating a bowl of chocolate pudding … he’s the man, there’s no doubt.

My husband and I just couldn’t get over the two pretty guys making their women eat the caviar. If we were in the race, my husband would know full well I couldn’t do it. He’d buck up, walk in there and do it like Chip did. I think I was most impressed with the bowling moms during that part, though. I couldn’t believe how she scarfed that nasty stuff down, but then I got to thinking … hey, she’s got kids, she can do anything! (This from me, who doesn’t have kids.)
I was thrilled to see Chip and Kim move into first, but sad to see Bob and Joyce go. What I’d really like to see is for Mirna to drop off the face of the earth and for Charla to finish the race by herself. Eh, I can dream, can’t I?

I’m going to put in a word for the guys here. (Yes, even Mr Blue Lagoon.) The challenge was a Roadblock, which only one member of the team may perform. The guys would have done obvious physical challenges by default. But this was clearly an eating challenge, so the teams took it as an opportunity for the, uh, less physical members of the team to contribute. They made this decision before they knew that they would have to eat an entire kilo of caviar. This is also why Charla and Joyce did it rather than their respective partners. Of the teams, only Chip and Kim were smart enough to figure out that eating challenges are a guy thing.