American Dad 18FEB2007

Doesn’t seem to be a thread on this.
It wasn’t very funny (other than the Jenga bits), but I still liked it.

Actually I really liked the “Actually I tipped over the MODEL of the Jenga tower. I checked with Milton Brdley and they said it only violated the spirit of the rules”

Be honest - did you check your peanut butter for the secret symbol?


Solid epsiode, not as good as last weeks, but still worthwhile. The “Hasbro said it violated the spirit of the game” was my favorite line as well.

Thanks to this episode, I shall hereafter refer to peanut butter as “nut mud.”

The “cock blocker” bit was hilarious as well.

I thought the Dan Brown parody was pretty clever, though not side splitting. Also, I liked the riff on GW Carver, every middle student’s go to guy for a black history month report. The U.S. would surely descend into race war were it not for his discovery of peanut butter.

I’m starting to like this show better than Family Guy.

Yeah, I’ve been liking this show more than FG ever since FG made its 3rd comeback.

What do you mean, hired you? hehe

I loved that whole subplot.