American Idol 2/16-2/17

Two hours tonight for Hollywood Week, and tomorrow they whittle them down to the top 24.

Gotta go make sure the TiVo is working. It’s been freezing up and I’ve missed the first 10 minutes of the last 2 episodes as a result.

Doesn’t look like there is any more Hollywood Week. Just two hours of whittling down.

Which leaves the question-- what are they gonna do tomorrow?

“If It Makes You happy” is about anal sex. Just thought I’d mention that.

People who sing “Man In the Mirror” should be automatically disqualified. Or any other Michael Jackson song, for that matter.


I’m just sorry there has to be a winner. I wish they could all be losers, but they can’t.

Are Golden Teeth Mom and Half-Naked Cowboy in the same room? I haven’t seen Neck Tats. If the three of them are in the same room, then we know which room is which.

Really? I’ve got a few favs. But then again, I love Top 40 music-- even bubble pop.

I dunno about chairs. Ryan keeps saying they’re gonna be down to the voting 24 by the end of the night. God, I hope Mary makes it because I love to hate her.

I can’t tell who’s in what room. I think HNC is safe, though. I just badly want that Mary thing to get cut.

That one girl still biffed the lyrics to that Boston song. Her voice wasn’t that good anyway.

God, how many of these tards are going to sing “Man In the Mirror?” That’s a song choice that shows a total lack of taste and intelligence.

I’m really not diggin’ Haley.

Isn’t this the girl who’s banging Tebow?

She’ll go through easy. She’s everything they like.

I think they had a choice of a few songs. And what’s wrong with Man in the Mirror anyway?

I think it was supposed to be an abbreviated version and it sounds like she remembered the ones she intended to sing. I thought that was her best performance to date but she’s not in the same league with some of the others.

I didn’t like Janell as much as I did last week.

Well, it’s kind of an insipid song, plus it was written by a pedophile, but it’s really the choice more than the song that bothers me. It’s safe, bland, children’s song. It’s also pretty easy to sing.

71 contestants split into three rooms.

Wouldn’t that mean whatever room has 23 people is out?

I guess, but would any of them think to figure that out?

I think room 2 is the suckos. That’s the one with the Mary, right? Please let that be the suckos.

I think the contestants proved that “Man in the Mirror” is not easy to sing.

It’s easy for anyone who can sing.