American Idol 3/29-30

Tonight’s theme is reportedly “The '90s.” Gee, that should be tough. Or not. What’s with the overly broad themes so far?

On the plus side, maybe we’ll get to hear Bo sing Pearl Jam or some of the other really great rock from the '90s.

It’s about time! I was just about to start the thread myself.

I am liking the themes better this year. I don’t like themes like “Barry Manilow night”. I don’t like Barry Manilow. I don’t like most of his songs. Why do I want to hear a bunch of kids that more than likely have the same love for Barry Manilow that I do sing his songs?
Here we go!

That is the stupidest hat I’ve ever seen. Poor baby calf.

What song was that?

Bo just went way up on my list.

And the backup band looked so happy to get to play such an active song.

This song is horrible. Why does everyone think they have to do country?

Audio mix on Bo sucked, thanks so much for showcasing the back-up singers for us!

Is tonight’s theme “pick the unpopular song by these popular artists” maybe?

Simon is soooo right about Jessica. She’s gone next because, well, who the hell is she?

Anwar started shakey but blew it out at the end.

Okay, is Paula going to pass out before the end of the show? And, Anwar is so hot, I’d melt standing next to him. But the beginning of his song was terrible

Paula is fucking trashed. I’m really torn over whether she or Simon is more entertaining right now.

I was glad Bo sang Remedy. When Ryan said the Black Crows, I thought, “Please not Hard to Handle”

And if I stood next to Nadia, I’d spontaniously combust.

Nadia was good.

Will Simon say Constantine is a bad Vegas act, or a bad lounge act?

Bonnie Raitt, Good Egg.

The straighter Bo’s hair gets, the frizzier Constantine’s gets.
The truth comes out. Constantine is not a rocker.

Bonnie Raitt?

If Constantine doesn’t make it into the finals, he can at least count on being picked up as a spokesperson for Kraft.