American Idol 5/2

I hereby declare this thread started! (I’m not going to be around next week, so someone else is going to have to do it.)

Let’s see: Chris, Katharine, Taylor, Elliott, and Paris left, and two songs each tonight. It’s Elliot or Paris going home tomorrow. Yup.

I agree with your assessment. I predict a Chris and Katherine final two.

I think Taylor, Chris, and Katharine will be the top three. I’m not sure who the last two will be.

I really hope Elliot goes this week. I know it sounds weird, but I don’t like his teeth.

I think it will be a Chris/Taylor final, with Paris being third and Katharine being fourth.

Rumored Song Choices

1. Paris-- Kiss (Prince) and Without You (Mary J. Blige).
Kat-- Against All Odds (Phil Collins) and Black Horse and Cherry Tree (KT Tunstall)
Taylor-- Play that Funky Music (Wild Cherry) and Something (Beatles - George Harrison wrote this one)
Elliot-- On Broadway (George Benson) and Home (Micheal Buble)
Chris-- Renegade (Styx) and “I Dare You” (Shinedown)

If true, I think Taylor is getting by on a technicality, and Paris will either be stellar or (more likely) flame out horribly.

What’s the theme this week? Have I just missed it?

Why is Taylor getting by on a technicality?

I hope Kat goes… she sings pretty, but doesn’t inspire me…

If the song choices under the spoiler tags are right, then Taylor picked

A song originally performed in the 60’s as his “song from the current top 10 Billboard chart”. As I understand it, a new Beatles collection is on the album chart. Probably technically OK, but it seems a little out of the intention of the challenge. No more than Chris’ rendition of “Walk the Line” on country night, though..

Song 1: “Songs From The Year You Were Born”, and Song 2: “Songs From The Current Billboard Top 10”

Looking forward to it. I think Paris will go this week, Elliot the next, then Taylor. It will be a close race between Kat and Chris.

The song choices are more than rumors… Seacrest announced them on the radio show.

Reloy3, Chris did “Walk the Line” on “Songs from the '50’s Night.” Which it is. But still, I see your point.

Game on, Final Five! Game ON!

I think Dung Beetle may be right about whose going, although I hope it’ll be Kat, since I like her the least.

Didn’t Elliot already do this song?

AI has a radio show now?

Elliot was just a’ight. He didn’t suck but didn’t give me goosebumps either.

It’s kind of weird not having anyone left that I hate.

Paris… Wait, that means she’s 18, right? Or close to it…

I hope she doesn’t mess up a Prince song…

My kids were born in '87 and they’re 18. Chris is younger than Elliot?

He’s doing Styx? He’s dead to me. This is even more unforgivable than Creed.

18 in August.

Paris was brave to choose a Prince song. She did okay with it.

Chris looks hot… I like his song choice…

I don’t think Paris was that screechy, and now that I think about it, Prince IS a bit screechy in that song.