American Idol 5/23, This Is It!

Go Taylor!

By the way, what are they singing tonight?

I hear the voting time is increased from two to four hours.

Can anyone verify one way or the other?

Holy smokes, they’re rolling out a red carpet for Wednesday’s finale!!

It doesn’t say what they’ll be singing, but I guess the top 12 will be back for a medley.

I can’t imagine anything but Taylor in a landslide. Wouldn’t Elliott voters turn to him?

Not necessarily; Elliott and Katharine are both more of the classic soul-pop warblers the show has always featured. Taylor’s very different, and so he’s not necessarily the obvious alternative to Elliott.

Taylor has been my boy since day one. Go for the KILL Taylor!

Taylor has been my boy since day one. Go for the KILL Taylor! Sweep the legs!

I’m seriously thinking about skipping tonight. There’s a new Stephen King mini-series starting and I kind of want to watch that, and know for a fact that my husband will want to watch it. So, I’m considering trading one form of shlock for another. I don’t really care what Kat or Taylor sing or who wins anyway. I’ll look forward to reading everyone’s opinions though!

Sorry folks, once Chris got booted, Katherine became the lock winner.

Remember – a person can be smart, but people are stupid. And people are making this choice. Different and entertaining versus bland and soulless? Taylor doesn’t stand a chance.

Oh crap, that’s tonight? Why didn’t you tell me!

Um, I think I just did. :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, you’re just going to have to do better in future, yellowval!

Thanks. :slight_smile:

I do not understand the Kat hate. I like both of them and would like it if either win.

But what do I know, I wanted a Chris/Mandisa final.

Rumored songs tonight:

[Spoiler] The format is two songs, chosen by the finalist from prior performances, followed by the prospective new single.

Somewhere Over The Rainbow
Black Horse & The Cherry Tree
My Destiny (her possible new single)

Living in The City
Do I Make You Proud (his possible new single)

If these are right, I don’t know how the choices cut. They are certainly Kat’s best performances, but recent enough to not be novel and possibly suffer by comparison. Taylor’s choices are not his best performances, but most people have forgotten them by now.[/spoiler]

I want me some Taylor. Soul Patrol and spasms and gray hair and all.

Kat is cute and can sing when she’s not katerwauling. But Taylor is the interesting, memorable, fun one to watch. Twelve weeks later, and all I know about Kat is that she’s from Sherman Oaks.

Simon was asked who will win.

His response (paraphrasing here): When both went home, “Taylor was greeted by the city. Kat was greeted in her high school gym.”

Actually, Taylor was greeted by several cities and the governor of Alabama, not to mention 15,000 people crammed into a shopping mall. Kat barely filled her high school gym.

Go Taylor.


I think Elliott’s fans either aren’t going to watch or are going to go with Katharine.

I hope I’m wrong . . .

I’m pulling for Taylor. He has been the most consistent performer of the season.

Randy’s wrong–that wasn’t as good as the first time she sang it.

I’ve watched AI with varying degrees of intensity from the beginning and I’ve never, ever voted. Tonight, I’m gonna be dialing my fingers off for Taylor. I don’t even care about the performances tonight.

Of course Taylor could walk into the audience, slap a fat black woman and say, “That’s what I think about fat, black women!” Then I guess my non-voting streak will continue.

Kat wasn’t “greeted by her city” because her city is Ell Fucking Lay. Taylor, on the other hand, is the biggest thing to happen to Alabama since toilet paper. The comparison just shows Simon’s ignorance.

Simon has reached his peak. Kat has a lot of growth ahead of her. I hope Taylor wins because he can’t be hurt by the process, but Kat has worlds more potential than he has ever had. I hope she doesn’t just become another cookie-cutter poptart, but I fear it may be too late for that.

I couldn’t understand the words when she sang it last time. This time I could understand the words but it seemed less enthusiastic.

Then Ryan asks her why she sang it . “Duuuh, I don’t know … 'cause I like it! giggle” :rolleyes:

Yeah, if she wins she’s definitely going to need some work on the off the cuff talking.
Okay, so I’m watching but I’m not enjoying it. :mad: Besides House is on next and there’s nothing else to watch.

I don’t intend to watch the results show though (Lost finale!), I can just check in here for the results and miss all the filler crap.