American Idol 5/2

What’s wrong with this song? He could have done Babe.

Liked Chris, but that may because it’s just a great song.

Styx was one of my favorite groups once…a long time ago. Chris did a great job with it.

They could try to make the pimping at least a little less obvious. That was a suck-ass song, listlessly performed and which was actually the worst performance so far tonight.

Look for them to trash Taylor no matter how well he does. They’re scared shitless he’s going to win.

Or “Lady” or “Mr. Roboto.” The suck goes deep with that band.

I HATE this song.

I think Kat would smile singing “Amazing Grace” at a funeral.

Shitty song, boring performance.

Whoa! Katherine sounded horrible. Looks great though.

I used to think that I could be maybe a little objective. But Kat sounded pretty bad to me. I’m hoping it’s not just me.

I don’t like Kat’s dress…

Simon was trying not to be too bully…

He’s gonna do Play That Funky Music, White Boy? Why yes, yes he is. I love Taylor.

Taylor keeps scaring me… His movements don’t help…

I dont’ care what the judges I say I love Taylor.

This is the perfect Taylor song. (Great shirt, too.) But it also demonstrates why he won’t win – it’s fun but not marketable.

Perfect song for Taylor. Good performance. I’m sure Simon will hate it.

You were right Dio… but he’s still scary.

“On Broadway”? “Against All Odds”? What is this, Scott Savol theme night?

::: makes soft, cooing noises:::
It’s all right Karl. Taylor’s not here to hurt you. He’s here to entertain you. He can’t help but make sudden, spastic movements. It’s ingrained in him.

You were right Dio… but he’s still scary.