American Idol 5/2

Stupid double post…

Good song from Elliot…

This night has been better than others…

Catching up thanks to the power of TiVo …

[li]Elliott = Okay. Not spectacular, but not bad. I’ve heard worse versions of “On Broadway,” but then again, I was also drunk at the time, and so were the singers. I still don’t “feel” him, but he isn’t bad.[/li][li]Paris = I’m very disturbed by her choice of song, and I just can’t get over it. I found something very kiddie porn about it, and I have to admit I hardly heard her sing. If anything, she just proved that – like Stevie Wonder – nobody but Prince can do Prince.[/li][li]Chris = I need to have his babies. I don’t recognize the song but I thought it was a helluva performance. If that is a Styx song, then I need to go back and give them another listen, because that song rocked.[/li][li]Kat = Maybe I’m sorely mistaken, but isn’t there supposed to be an actual melody in there somewhere? Surely her mom-the-voice-teacher’s taught her daughter that performing isn’t all trilling and improvising. Somebody actually wrote that song, you know – and I don’t think s/he would be very pleased that all the original notes on the page were ignored. And, that dress is FUGLY.[/li][li]Taylor = They still shoot rabid animals, don’t they? Plus, that is absolutely the ugliest piece of fabric on the face of the Earth. It’s even worse than my grandmother’s “vintage” 1972 brocade sofa, which is pretty farking hideous. Can’t say much about the singing because I was looking for the eyewash.[/li][/ul]
Oh, God, second round already. Don’t like this other song of Elliott’s, either. It’s boring. I’d kill myself if I were stuck in an elevator listening to that song, I think.

Elliott did well, but it’s just not a song I’d care to hear again.

This could be a difficult song for Paris… Not bad so far… but it is more quiet and subdued than “Kiss”.

Was I the only one who lost audio during that part of Paris’s performance?

I finally read Prince’s Kiss. Oh yea, he’s my crush…

Did they just bleep Paris?

I lost a couple seconds, too.

Paris did very well with that song.

Didn’t like that song from Paris. I fear tonight may be her last.

Audio went out earlier in the show for me when no one was talking, so I doubt they bleeped her, probably just some technical difficulties.

No, I lost it too – and in the moment of just lookng at her, I decided that her outfit was even more hideous than I had thought with the sound their to distract me.

I just looked up the lyrics for “Without You” and it does have the word “shit” in it, so maybe they did bleep her.

There, of course. Speaking of distractions.

Definitely a drop off for Chris.

That was boring for Chris. He was perfectly safe in his warm cozy box. but sort of walked right through it.

Kat shouldn’t mess this up…

I don’t see the angst in this song, the fury, the seriousness…

Not my favorite from Chris. Is Kat gonna get off her knees?

I got wood from that so I guess it was good.

A box drum? My son says it’s a “rectangular sound organ”.

Better than her first song. Good, but not great.

Great performance from Kat the second time around. What’s the name of that song?

Didn’t like Chris’s song, but I thought the performance was OK. He’s hot as hell, I have to say. Bo who? I worry about his voice, though. He really does need to take care of his instrument. Or, you know, I’ll take care of it for him. Whichever.

Kat’s voice is entirely too “clean” for this song. As usual, there appears to be no human emotion of any kind behind it. I’m convinced she’s totally an automaton. And once again, she smiled her way through what is NOT A HAPPY SONG. Gaaaah.