American Idol finalists - the odds?

As of this writing, the definites are Charles Grigsby, Julia D’Amato, Ruben Studdard, Kim Locke, Vanessa Olivares, Rickey Smith. Josh Gracin is a lock to be announced tonight, and Corey Clark and Kim Caldwell will be in too - if Corey’s a viewer pick too, I’d add J.D. Adams as the second wildcard. YMMV.

But that’s enough to start the poll. I can’t see Rickey or Julia lasting long, and most of the rest are interchangeable. My picks for the final 3: Ruben, Kim L., Josh.

The winner: Ruben.

Besides, the first winner was a skinny white girl, so this time it has to be a fat black guy.

But I have a feeling that Charles is going to grow on us the more we see of him.

Your picks?

Odds that I’ll watch? 1:100000000000

I’ve found the show to be extremely disappointing this go round. With just a few exceptions, it’s been so-so singers with either no personality or a really shitty attitude. Even the judges comments on the performances are 2 or 3 of the same sentences over and over.

Anyway, I love Ruben and Vanessa. I think Kimberly Caldwell will make it to the top 3-she has a unique voice and is easy on the eyes.

Kimberly, picked as a judges choice, comes back to win it all!