American Idol -- The Finals

Huh…no AI thread yet? Okiee, got this one covered.

Three songs each tonight: One that they’ve already done this season (didn’t they pretty much do that last week?), one of the contestant’s choice, and one that was specially written for them in the AI Songwriting Competition.

How much of a gimme is it that Blake will be doing You Give Love A Bad Name for his “from this season” choice? Jordin should’ve saved I Who Have Nothing, instead of burning it out last week.

Hmmm…Blake or Jordin…Jordin or Blake? You know, this kinda sucks. Just about every previous season either had a finalist that I was heavily rooting for, or a no-talent who I was heavily rooting against. This year? They’re both damn good!

Jordin is a better singer, Blake is better performer. I’m really, really torn. My gut tells me I want to root for Blake, but every time I go to type that, my brain interrupts with a “But…but…Jordin!”.

<Sigh>…I dunno…I guess I’ll just root for the victory song being every-so-slightly less schmaltzy than usual this season.

I like to think of it of having no way to lose. Either way, I’m happy with who won!

I’m leaning towards blake. I was iffy on him until he did the Bon Jovi song. I was afraid he would butcher it but when he actually sang the song it blew me away. That was when I decided I wanted him to win.

Yep. I may not even watch it tonight…just tune in during the last few moments tomorrow for the answer.

It’s Blake for me. Jordin has potential, but her tonal range is too limited, as is her life experience. Plus, as discussed last week, there are just so many already like her, except better.

Melinda. What? No? Yes. I WATCH IN MY HEAD! It’s better there.

Okay, fine. I’m calling it for Jordin; I’m all right with it either way, and generally underwhelmed. Someday there’ll be a contestant in the finals who gives me the Unconditional Love again, but it wasn’t this year.

Jordin will win, I’m sure.
Paula may be a bit odder-looking tonight, since she had a mishap at home that left her with a broken nose.

After last week American Idol is dead to me. Stone cold ceased-to-be.

I’m rooting for Blake but don’t mind at all that Jordin will win.

I think Blake did that song even better tonight than he did the first time. He tightened up the vocals and the beat boxing was terriffic.

Blake’s Bon Jovi song has cool gimmicks, but man, some of those notes really really show his weakness in singing. I did not think this was even close to his best the first time, and I don’t think it is now. It’s not at all emotionally convincing for me, either. I guess the lesser known “adult contemporary”-ish stuff doesn’t bring in the phone calls?

Blake’s an entertainer but lacks the range of others before him; Jordin’s a great singer, but lacks the entertainment value that Blake brings.

It’s a toss up.

Gooo Jordin! Gooo Blake!

I’m soooo wishy-washy.

I loved Jordin’s voice. I enjoyed that one (Christina) without even watching the screen.

This song sucks it hard.

Jordin so won that second round IMHO, it is not even funny.

I have to admit that I looked up at the TV at one moment of Jordin singing out a wide-open mouth note, and I swear I saw a copy of Katherine McPhee up there. Maybe it’s the hair, the facial expression, I dunno…weird.

This is the song that won the contest? This is the absolute best that was submitted? I’d hate to hear the crap that didn’t win. What an insipid, utterly insubstantial piece of musical ass. And we have to hear it twice? God help us.

Hey DtC, we alone here? Well, pass the dip.

That song is hideous!

I though jordin would do a better job with this song but her pitch was kind of shaky at the beginning. She still doesn’t sound that strong in the chorus. Surprisingly, I think Blake might win this round (this round is really just a turd-polishing contest, but Blake ended up with a slightly more shiny turd).

I have to think that the “songwriting contest” was just “give us some insipid, cliche lyrics. We’ll provide the same boring ass arrangements as always.” Effing boring.

Here’s a radical idea, Idol: Don’t saddle your finales with any “all my dreams have come true” original song!

They’re pimping Jordin because they want her to win, but they’re lying. She sucked on that song.