American Idol Top 13 3/10...

This week, the top 13 singers compete and one is sent home. Which one will it be?

The theme is Michael Jackson songs. Try to come up with a better theme than that… you can’t beat it!

Michael Jackson songs from 2000 - Present


this theme has all the makings of a bad karaoke train wreck!

Isn’t that the whole point of American Idol? :wink:

You guys are right… it’s bad!

(Eventually you’ll catch on to what I’m trying to do and play along, I hope.)

Oh, I see. You wanna be startin’ somethin’?

Nah, I just want to rock with you.

So has there been any news about WHY there is a top 13 this year? I mean, it’s not like the talent pool is so amazingly awesome, like it has been some seasons. I really don’t understand it, though I heard that tonight they are going to explain how they will vote the extra person out.

I think it smacks of desperation.

I think they just enjoy screwing with Anoop’s head.

I don’t think the decision’s quite so black or white.

What did Simon do on the entrance that Ryan was talking about?


…and tomorrow night, two will be voted off, giving us the status quo after one week.

Pretty horrible theme. Not exactly a thriller.

Lil Rounds (I still keep wanting to put an apostrophe in there) did about as well as she could with a POS song.

It’s going to be a long night.

Scott is doing ok…in key, but kind of meh…ouch. He missed on the falsetto. Pretty mediocre, but he’s probably safe.

“It’s fine being artistic, just not on this show.”
-Simon Cowell

Paula said that it was really wonderful to see him with his instrument at his fingertips. Heh.

Lil can definitely give a performance, even if her white pants are weirdly poofy around the hips and butt. I liked her version of the song, even though Simon was right about the beginning.

I remain ticketless for the Scott train. Meh.

Translation: 90% of the people who vote for this show are brainless teenage girls. You have to play something simple and easy to recognize.