American Idol Top 13 3/10...

Gokey = douche nozzle.

Danny Deadwife’s dancing looks less like Michael Jackson, more like the Elaine Dance.

Unfortunately, he’s singing (screaming) the song pretty well on pitch.

I really liked Danny. Good job. :slight_smile:

I don’t get this Danny thing.

Why oh why do I hate Gokey so? Will someone explain it to me?

If anyone else performed that, I think I would have thought it was pretty good.

My dream is that someone will have their backstory video and say, “His life has been pretty easy.” “Great childhood.” etc…

Michael yawn…why is Simon giving him a pass?

Wait, what? What are these judges hearing?!

Is that a small crystal flask dangling from Pauler’s wrist?

What a crappy bunch of finalists this is. They range from bland and vaguely likeable to bland and obnoxious.

The only ones I could even conceive of rooting for right now are Anoop amd maybe Adam.

It’s pretty obvious that the judges have already decided that Deadwife and Rounds are their F2, though, with Deadwife slotted FTW.

Whoa! I don’t always say this, but Paula is wasted tonight. The look on Simon’s face when she was telling Oil Rig Guy that he “colored it up” spoke volumes. He looked embarrassed for her.

So far, I like Lil and Danny, buy I agree…he can’t dance.

If you think about it, calling a guy with a dead wife “Deadwife” is pretty goddamned crass, even for the Internet.

Kris was there. Easy life, supportive family, cute young wife. The hardest thing is that he has to go to California for the show, but it only brings them closer together! (gag)

Sometimes these “look at my family” moments are so contrived. Kris and his wife are making toast and whole wheat spaghetti together. Weird.

Not as crass as exploiting her corpse to get on TV.

What the heck, Kris? Does anyone else think that performance was really really weird?

Simon wasn’t giving relationship advice, Ryan, you tool, he was giving competitive advice. He was saying it was too early to play the wife card as a game strategy.

They buried his guitar in the mix (they do that a lot. I think the show doesn’t really trust these kids to know how to play their instruments). So he was windmilling around like Pete Townshend and producing very little sound. It also wasn’t really guitar rock song to begin with (more pseudo jazzy), so trying to act like Eddie Cochran just looked incongruous.

I took that to mean don’t let the teenage girl voters know you’re married.

I like Allison but was a little disappointed tonight.

Anoop wasn’t as good as I’d hoped either.

So does no one else want to comment on Paula’s new botox/facelift/skin tightening?

Yikes. Scary.