American Sit-coms that never took place in America.

Cowboy in Africa with Chuck Connors. I know it wasn’t supposed to be a sitcom, but have you ever seen an episode?

There was an episode of McHale’s Navy with a flash forward to see a couple of the guys in New York years later. They were heading out to Brooklyn to see a Dodgers game. In story it was their imagination, so they were still physically in the South Pacific somewhere (or in Italy).

ETA: could have been a Giants game

There was also a British sitcom where Mrs Slocombe (the rainbow-haired woman from Are You Being Served?) was accidentally launched into space.

I have indeed. One of the few “relevant” series of the late '60s (there was an adorable black African boy and a culturally-proud Native American sidekick) I actually enjoyed watching. Lasted only one season, IIRC.

I liked the colonial British official too! :smiley:

In the Gilligan’s Island episode The Friendly Physician the castaways are taken by boat to another island. In theory it could have been an island that was a US possession. The island they were marooned on obviously was not because it was uncharted.

Had to be Gruber and “Tinker” Bell, right? :wink:

That’s right. I remembered that one after I made the initial post, good call.

The man was a mad scientist with an East European name and accent. I doubt the island was a US possession. :wink:

Do kids’ cartoons count as sitcoms? Because there are a few of those that are set in space, like the Alf cartoon. And I’m not sure if one can meaningfully assign a physical location for Reboot, which was some sort of virtual world.

Colonel Humphrey Flack may the first. It ran in 1953 on the DuPont network, starring a couple of con artists conning con artists, playing Robin Hoods around the world. No idea if any of the shows were set in the U.S.

If that doesn’t count, Dick and the Duchess was set in London in 1957.


I didn’t want to include other countries, but if I did, along with **'Allo 'Allo **I think **Red Dwarf **would qualify as a British sit-com that takes place entirely away from the UK.

I wonder if “The Rogues” count? It’s been awhile, but didn’t the action take place in Europe, or were there stateside episodes as well?

Pretty sure it was Gruber. Tink would be my best guess for the other guy.

Very unlikely to be a US possession, but they are shown elsewhere than the brief clip in Hawaii and on the regular island.

Very few people seem to recall this episode.

The TV show “Dinosaurs” was set in a time far before an American land-mass could have been identified. Similarly the Flintsones. Possibly the Jetsons, as well, though I don’t know enough about the socio-political history of their universe to say for sure.

Going back to UK shows, the recent comedy Bluestone 42 follows a military unit in Afghanistan (recommended, incidentally).

Oh. I’m sorry for responding to this part of your OP:

That’s alright. I just initially thought of American shows though with the post of 'Allo 'Allo that got me thinking of other BBC comedies.

This is a stretch, but there were some dream sequences - one took place in the old west, another in, presumably, 18th-19th century England (featuring ‘Lord Admiral Gilligan’).

That could be - I don’t remember, but I do remember that call, and Gilligan’s insufficiently convincing description of their plight.

There was also the “Jack and the Beanstalk” episode where Mary Ann was dressed in a French maid outfit. :o

Unfortunately, dream sequences don’t count! :frowning:

Red Dwarf had at least a couple of flashback scenes that took place in England, such as the opening of “Ouroboros.”