Americans suck at math

Hello Yankees, can you not do simple math? Canada is the world’s single largest source of oil; the Athabasca tar sands alone contain more oil than all of Saudi Arabia, (we are talking like 1.5+ Trillion barrels) plus you have our Arctic reserves, our offshore reserves, and lets not even get started on Natural Gas or Hydroelectricity…

Canada supplies the US with something like 25+% of its total energy needs, virtually all of its Natural Gas, close to if not more oil than we export to the rest of the world combined, and yet you endlessly repeat this line about “Iraq having the second largest reserves…”

Your war on Iraq has only to do with oil as “spoils” or profits from war. The war is about power, strategic dominance, etc., in short taking over the world.

Do your math - shit, take night courses if you have to - and stop with the lies*.

And BTW, think twice, then again three more times, about going to war for our Canadian oil. We have more friends than you do.

*And I’m not just talking about oil lies here, but that is for another thread.

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Nice to see a screen name that genuinely reflects your personality.

Well, I figured that a debate about American energy sources (and the consequences thereof) might follow my somewhat provocative points, but Oh Great Moderator, I shall bow to thee…
(while giving a not-so-subtle finger in your general direction on my way down…)

Well start up another GD thread, only word it civilly.

I don’t see how this has much to do with math. Anyway, you must provide a cite. My sources say that Canada doesn’t even make the top ten for oil reserves, nor the top three in production.

Damn, Canadians can be so lame sometimes. Is this all you have to be proud of?

Yeah, sorry. I forgot that you Americans have this fetish-like thing about about etiquet and politeness, as so amply demonstrated of late on the world stage.

Speaking of math, how far away is Eleventy-billion Km?

Fuck off and die.

Does that make you feel better?

[Jame Gumb]
It puts the keyboard down and takes its medication.
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Here’s another source that says you’re wrong. Now shut the fuck up.

It’s true! It’s true! We’re sooo lame!
</Homer Simpson>


Western Oil Sands


I can go on… Do you need me to?

From this site.

So, shut the fuck up ya hoser, eh?

I may fuck on, I may fuck off, I may ask others to do the same, but YOU, Ogre, are alone in wishing death. I pity you.
Peace. :slight_smile:

Idiot poster + Stupid thread = getting flamed like the human torch.
Now, that’s some helpful simple math isn’t it?

As far away from those goddamn yankee bastards, she/he can get.

And where did I mention current production?

I said Canada is the single largest source (i.e. in possession of, by living on top of… )

Apparently, he’s talking about the oil sands, specifically the ones found in the Athabasca deposits in Alberta. Unfortunately, they’re having some difficulties extracting oil from them, despite the fact that “Canadian researchers, governments and industry have been working for years to unlock the tremendous wealth of this resource.”

And really, there’s no reason we should “invade Canada.” We already screwed them out of their oil.

Oh, your rebuttals are so clever, I am impressed :rolleyes:

Thats right, mock your single largest energy supplier, and see how you like it when NY goes dark.

Oh, whats that? Without Canadian Natural Gas, your prices increase exponentially? To bad, so sad, warmongering Texacutioners!