America's Got Talent

“Faux culture for the masses.” makes it sound like he doesn’t consider it real opera. And maybe it isn’t, I don’t know. But even if it isn’t it doesn’t mean that there’s anything wrong with it because it’s all a matter of taste and taste is subjective.

In past seasons there has often been the criticism that we (the masses) were going bananas over the opera singer when in fact s/he wasn’t all that great by “real” opera standards.

My objection is to the fact that every single season on every variation of this show a sort of ordinary looking person, dressed as if he or she has just wandered over from work steps up to the mic and shyly answers the judges questions. The judges make sure we can register their low expectations on their faces. Then the singing starts and we get a shot of the judges’ disbelief.

It’s tiresome.

Also agree. There are enough singing competitions out there and more to come - perhaps they should ban them from this show.

And it is pointless to complain, but I am so, so sick of the tragic back stories of every performer. Got news for ya, lots of people have lived through crap so save it for your autobiography if you win and spare us the details. It’s as if they only find these candidates in hospice waiting rooms after they buried their beloved dog Fluffy and lost their home in the fire before the car crash that killed grandma on the way to the hospice to visit the terminally ill family member who will never make it to see them perform live for the final show. If we voted for every person who had a sob story in their back pocket, the House and Senate would look like an ICU.

I’m waiting for someone to cut off a limb to up their vote count.

Turf [The street Dancer] gave me the first Real, “Bolt Upright” moment of the season this year.


Perhaps Bolt Upright isn’t the right word, but it’s THAT MOMENT. If you saw Team I-Luminate’s first performance, Nick went speechless after they all first turned on their suits

I trend with Howie on those moments, he points them out, and took a good piece of time [relative] with Turf after he had his.

Earth Harp is going to go far. Goosebumps for this one, but no spit your coke out “Moment” here.

I too am burned out on the Fighting Gravity / Team I-luminate type acts. Don’t get me started on how BOTH of those acts got the Shaft. Where is Mike Grimm nowadays?

You caught Law and Order last night as well then?

On this season’s “The Voice” I realized that I’ve become desensitized to these sob stories. Basically my attitude to something like, “I was homeless for five years and I’m singing for the memory of my dead grandmother,” is to go, “Yeah yeah, whatever.”

He is performing at my local casino, Green Valley Ranch, in their lounge, on Saturday nights only, for $5.00 cover charge.

Wow. I thought you were supposed to have a longer and more successful career before you settled down some place. And that place is usually Vegas.

Yeah, the opera guy. I cried while he was singing. Such emotion. But I’ve reached the age where I leak from all orifices. Do they make Depends eye masks?

I love Nick Cannon. Howard Stern is just an old softie.

Eeew. :eek:

I think Nick needs to cut back on coming out and dancing and singing with acts that don’t go through. It’s funny in small doses, but he seems to be ramping it up this season.

Howard speaks his mind and tells acts he thinks are terrible that they’re terrible. I think he’s doing a good job.

I was shocked at Howie when he told the bike riding guy that it was a terrible idea. Howie has loved some horrible acts before so I was shocked that he seems to be developing some standards.

Eeww? Then you wouldn’t like my best old lady joke. I’m saving it for Phylis Diller or Joan Rivers.

You know them?

Watched it for 10 minutes the other night and turned it off forever. They should NOT allow animal acts. There was some woman with a dog on a pony (dog-and-pony-act, haw haw) I saw for about a minute, it looked like an unbelievably cruel thing to do with that terrified little dog. If Howard S. would say something about the poor animals, my esteem for him would rise tenfold.

My wife is a fan of his radio show. She told me he has stood up for children who seem to be forced into this by their parents. But I don’t think that any of that has aired.

Iluminate got a Stint at Six Flags Over Georgia…

I hope his win was worth it.

Regarding Michael Grimm performing for five bucks at our local casino on Saturdays:

Just a wild ass guess, but perhaps he took some of his winnings and bought a house/condo in Las Vegas, expecting to find success, and now he is simply seeing reality and taking what he can get now that he is living here.

He won’t be the first to come to Las Vegas thinking he will be a star, and not hit the big time.

Las Vegas is really, really hard to break though as an entertainer. Surprisingly, there are not that many showrooms and even lounges are limited in number and size. The big showrooms are usually reserved for the huge Cirque du Soleil shows or Celine or Elton or any of the guaranteed big hit ticket sellers.

Our neighbors are magicians and have won some international prizes, and they have been trying to get a foot in the door here for over 10 years now with little success. They make their money touring and just use Vegas as home base.

This is why whenever I hear those judges talk about the big chance to headline in Vegas my eyes roll back. Yes, Terry Fator and his puppets lucked into a huge showroom at Mirage (prior home of Siegfried and Roy) - but that was only because Danny Gans up and left that showroom to go to the Wynn casino. (Danny Gans later died of a heart attack). Terry was able to be at the right place at the right time and his show has taken off.

Jackie Evancho - a far more talented performer than Michael Grimm even at her young age - should have won and she might actually have had a chance to make it here, but I doubt her parents would have let her perform nightly at a Vegas casino.

I will get off my soapbox now, but just wanted to re-iterate that winning America’s Got Talent by no means guarantees that big break anywhere, let alone in the cutthroat market in Vegas. I think it is cruel to pretend to the contestants that winning is some magic golden ticket to fame and fortune in Las Vegas.

Speaking about misrepresented prizes; A while back I heard that the $1,000,000 isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Doing some Googling.

Reality Blurred, in this article shows the fine print,

What if you chose a lump sum?

Anyone else still watching?

I just watched the first couple of ‘Vegas’ shows. In the first one, they sent just three acts through without them having to audition again: one was the acrobatic dogs act, one (I think) was the guy who played the huge harp (wires up to the balcony), but what was the third act?

I am…but lordy this show went downhill since my first season of watching it (3 years ago now).

There are people that got cut that year that blow these people out of the friggin water.