Amp is a jerk. A dumb jerk at that.

So we’re over here in GQ talking about some obscure question concerning political signs, when Amp drops this bombshell:


After all the talk this year about sign vandalism on both sides, after a college professor gets fired for stealing them, after a kid gets shocked stealing signs because the owner had wired them into an electric fence - somehow after all of this you think it would be a great idea to admit vandalism on a message board.

That’s pretty dumb. And it is criminal. And while it might be a mighty petty crime, it says lots about you.

Is it vandalism if it’s accidental?

Is is “accidental” when it happens to both signs?

He said it was. Unless you have reason to disbelieve him, then shut the fuck up about it.

Oh for fuck’s sake, his post is pretty fucking obvious that it was not an “accident”. Fucking idiot.

Oops, sorry. I accidentally typed “fucking idiot”.

Isn’t there a rule against advertising at polling places? If, as I understand the quote, the church was the polling place, then was it kosher for it to be displaying any sort of sign about any issue on the ballot?

Or maybe that’s just a local NE Ohio rule and not how it works in California? I dunno. But a call to the Election Board rather than vandalism might have been a better choice.

Since he didn’t use scare quotes the way you did then, no, it wasn’t. Moron.

That was on purpose, just so you know.

Generally the rule is no signs within 100 feet of the polling place, which generally means the front doors of the election room. If the church’s sign is fairly far away from the entryway, it’s likely not electioneering.

No biggee. Happens all the time around here.

Yeah but since churches enjoy tax exempt status they are not supposed to campaign for one side or the other. In light of that I would overlook Amps accidental trip. They weren’t supposed to be there so Amp did them a favor by helping them avoid potentially loosing their tax exempt status. They should really thank him…

You can display signs just as long as they’re X distance from the entrance.

Why don’t you ask Amp if he meant it was an accident or not?

Is it a social maladjustment? Do you have trouble picking up social cues in real life? Because the obvious read for the statement was that trashing the signs was not really accidental. So if you don’t see that, and I can’t imagine how you don’t, it can only be because you have trouble picking up on some really basic ways in which people communicate with each other.

Or it could be that you DO understand that it was on purpose, but are hanging on to the point in some lame attempt to defend the action.

Which is it?

Churches may campaign for ISSUES, not for candidates or parties.

These signs would be permitted on a church without endangering its tax-free status.

Actually, I’m pretty sure the rule is they’re not supposed to support a specific candidate or party. On the issues however, like wanting to remain bigoted against homosexuality, they’re free to campaign.

I don’t condone vandalizing other people’s property, even if I vehemently disagree with them.

OK, if that is true then he should not have “tripped” over it.
ETA: See how I changed my position there, Bricker?

I think the kid getting a little shock was great, even if I detest McCain. If those signs were truly on that guy’s property, the kid deserved it.

“He wanted to see how the sign was set up” said his Dad. Yeah right. It’s two wire sticks and a sign. Pretty complicated.

Yup. And it warms my heart!

Well, to be fair, there does exist the third possibility that he’s right.

Yeah, I know, battle/strong, race/swift.


To clarify, on edit: that he’s right ABOUT THIS ISSUE is the hoofbeats/zebras comment; not suggesting that he’s so often wrong that his being right in this instance is itself unlikely. Fact is, QED is right more often than he’s wrong. But in this instance, he’s either being a dick or is fantastically, spectacularly wrong.

The 100 foot-rule applies in Ohio. Additionally, I think it would be of dubious ethicality for the church to display partisan signage anywhere on its property on Election Day, if it is functioning as a polling place.

None of which would justify a private citizen tearing up signs.
*I have never appreciated anyone stumping for a candidate or issue on or near the premises of a polling place in a last-minute futile attempt to influence voters, including the good ol’ boys in the parking lot of a Texas polling place, who called out to me to support a certain sheriff’s candidate. Dang if he didn’t lose by one vote.